Chico is changing

Well, there is no way to find out if something works like quitting doing that thing. I  ran out of goat milk, and made my yogurt with cow’s milk, and now I’m sorry! I’ve had the worst stomach ache over the last few days, and here comes that itchy rash again! 

Oh well, it’s nice to know, the extra money and the goat breath were actually worth the trouble. Yeah, my husband had gotten in into the habit of kinda homing in on me when he gave me a kiss, like he was trying to avoid some interloper. Baaaa-aaaa.  Off to Walmart tomorrow to get me a carton of goat milk.

Nothing wakes you up like a stomach ache. I’m tired. Got new tenants coming in, I have to spend the next week dusting walls and ceilings, flipping switches, running faucets, flushing toilets, make sure everything is clean and working. You’ve had those weeks – I just have to make it til Friday, and then I can sit down and put check marks next to a whole list of tedious chores, thankyouverymuch.  I expect my body to collapse like an old lawn chair.

When I try to imagine the world beyond Friday, I see leaves to rake, gutters to clean, garden to clear. My husband already turned off most of the water to our vegetable patch, the plants were brown practically the next day. We notice, the only green tree in our back acre is the one that stands in our late tomato patch. The others are fading fast, oaks leaves are covering everything. 

Last night we thought about riding our bike over to watch the Palio, but that hardly seemed worth an effort to get the bike out of the garage. I am glad to see that event is completely without public funding –  looks like the Nature Center is going to squeak by as well. They cried poormouth when the city discontinued their welfare payments, both directors fearing they would not be able to pay their own salaries – nothing motivates a trough dweller like the thought of being cut off their sweet teat. They got out and pandered to the public,  and got enough money to keep on going. That’s really sad – the main job of these “directors” – who used to be volunteers – is barking up donations for their own salaries, making threats to close publicly-owned facilities if they don’t get what they want. Sad times folks.

Chico seems weird lately. Not sure what will happen in the next election, but things will not be the same around here. 






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