I’m so sustainable, I’m so sustainable… (sung to the tune of “Delirious” by Prince)

I had a minor panic attack this morning when I thought I’d run out of “single use plastic bags.” I needed one to make a tent over a rising loaf of bread.

This is important, dammit!

This is important, dammit!

After I’ve shaped the dough into a loaf, it needs to sit for about 15 or 20 minutes, roughly doubling in size – like the mind of a developing child,  it needs a nice, protected atmosphere in which to explore it’s true potential. The grocery size plastic film bag is perfect – easy to clean, I can wooofff it around a few times into a big balloon, and then it sits over the dough without touching or inhibiting it in any way.

This morning I opened up my bag drawer, and Oh No!   I been getting so goddamn good at remembering to use my re-usable sacks, I almost let myself run out of one of life’s greatest freebies. I had  to dig down under my collection of cloth and plastic and nylon sacks, way back in the corner, to find one last stash of bags. Whew, that was a close one, I got to quit being so f-ing sustainable around here.

Speaking of dumb stuff – how many of you have witnessed – or been involved in – a heated debate at a party, especially wedding or baby showers, over “sponge vs rag”? Even my old cousins have bumped dentures over that one. It’s one of those “housewife things,” but even men will get pretty pissy over it. Just google, “rag vs sponge,” it’s one of the hot topics of the ages.  

I used to believe rags were the way to go – change it at least once a day, hang them to dry before you put them in the hamper, wash them at least weekly with baking soda and vinegar, and then when they stink, graduate them down to more and more disgusting jobs,  until they are too gross to put in your washing machine. But, I’ll tell you what, they have gotten too expensive to change regularly, I’ve been forced to use them a lot longer than I would like – you notice when they’re wet, they look black – that’s all the mold growing in there. Hold them up to your face – if they stink, that’s germs, eeee-uuuuu! I like that old commercial they had for Lysol wipes – shows a woman cleaning her kitchen sink,  counter and table top with a chicken breast. 

But no, I’m not going to stoop to disposable wipes or paper towels for every day  cleaning. I decided to go with a strongly-opinionated  portion of the general public and tried sponges.

Oh yeah,  they are baaaad. Nasty. I bought a pack of three,  supposedly full of germ-killing stuff – forget  that, not a one of them made it a week, even with the gymnastics I went through to rinse, squeeze, and throttle them dry.  

I was ready to go with Walmart rags, you buy them in a pack of 18 for $4. They’re white so you can see when they’re getting nasty. They are good for a few washings, and then graduate down to cleaning rags, etc. They’re cheap enough that I  can  afford a new pack once in a while. But still, not ideal, still go through them pretty fast. Then last week my husband  and I were at Home Depot, which is like our grocery store, and we found these neat-o little scrubbers in the cleaning section – $1.89 each.

This is really cool, take my word for it.

This is really cool, take my word for it.

It’s a little soap bottle with a scrub brush on the bottom. You take off the lid and fill  it with liquid  soap, and then a spring-loaded knob opens a little hole in the brush when you press on the lid with the palm of your hand. Uses a lot less dish soap,  because you are applying it to the dishes and not to the water – a  dab  will do you. I still use rags to clean counters and other surfaces, I just keep them in a separate pile from the ones I use on the toilet and the floors. 

I  don't know if I've impressed you with what a radical find this really is - move over rag, get the hell out sponge!

I don’t know if I’ve impressed you with what a radical find this really is – move over rag, get the hell out sponge!

Yeah, it’s a made-in-China cheapie, don’t know how long it will last, so bought half dozen, gave a couple of them to my kids. I tell you what, I’d pay $5 for one made out of old milk cartons  or soda bottles. Or yogurt containers, like my toothbrush, from Preserve.

I get these from Lucky Vitamin, for less than I buy conventional brand name brushes at the store.

I get these from Lucky Vitamin, for less than I buy big brand name brushes at the store.

I like to be able to change my toothbrush regularly too, so price is important. Lucky Vitamin has great prices, and you get free shipping on orders over $49. 

I like to be sustainable too. 







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