My Opinion: The world would be a better place if everybody ate more bananas

It is just amazing how my body just keeps running and running, far beyond my own expectations. Sometimes I’m so tired, I just step away and watch myself, like, “oh look at that silly bitch – she better take some aspirin before bed…”

I been trying to enjoy things, homey things. I know cooking is not that fun in Summer, but sometimes I can’t resist. Safeway has had a crazy sale on the nicest, plump little raspberries, and I’ve been buying them whenever I can and freezing them in sandwich bags. The other day I finally decided to enjoy some – I baked them into a batch of banana muffins.

The raspberries in these muffins were puffing like tiny volcanoes when they came out of the oven.

The raspberries in these muffins were puffing like tiny volcanoes when they came out of the oven.

I know, not exactly Summertime food – hot muffins – but I baked them early in the morning and we enjoyed them for two days, well worth the temporary heat. You can put any kind of fruit in your banana muffins – pineapple is pretty outrageous – and nuts and raisins add quite a pick me up as well. These muffins are pretty hearty, especially if you make them with a little whole wheat flour. 

Raspberries, by the way, are loaded with Vitamin C, which is just what you need to stock up on as we head into the school year and our kids start bringing stuff home from school. Meanwhile, bananas have a good portion of potassium and B-6, which are supposed to be good for your muscles and keep you up and running. Both fruits are good sources of fiber, and that’s really the bottom line for me (ha ha, get it? bottom line…). Whenever somebody is an asshole to me for no particular reason I figure they need to take a good whopping dump – Eat A Banana For Goddess’ Sake!

And just in case you don’t care about your health – and who really does these days – these muffins are perfect for a banana split, cut in half, buried under some vanilla ice cream, banana sections, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, etc. Don’t hold back, we’re on the Good Ship Titanic, you might as well have another helping of dessert. 

It’s been pretty hectic around here, nice to sneak into the kitchen for a quick sweet banana muffin. 



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