State of California: Radical Urgency

I notice lately more people are coming to the blog via searches for information about Cal Water and PG&E rate increases. One person submitted this query:“why is PG&E going up 10-15 percent?

You have to read all those notices, they send a rate increase notice several times a year, and each one is different. I keep them, but I don’t have a chance to read every one. One I read asked for a rate hike to recover costs for the disaster in San Bruno.  PG&E was found negligent in that case – they hadn’t been maintaining their infrastructure –  and ordered to upgrade their pipelines. They were also fined up the ass. So, they turned around and asked for a rate increase on all of us to cover their own malfeasance and incompetence. 

Eight human beings were vaporized that day, just cut down without warning, in the “safety”of their homes. BAMMO! You’re dead, because you trusted the government!  35 homes were leveled.  I just saw a story on the bay area news the other night about how PG&E bought up many of those lots and is sitting on them. The weeds grow higher and higher, wrecking next door property values, blighting a whole neighborhood that already has enough bad memories. You’d think they’d done enough damage, but PG&E acts like a big pig, with no human feelings. All they care about is profits for their executive salaries and their shareholder payments.

How do they get away with it? We’re supposed to have a “Public Utilities Commission” to protect us! Forget that. For one thing, the CPU commissioners don’t represent the people or voters of California because they’re appointed by the governor. They represent whoever the Governor represents – again, NOT the voters. Remember Gray Davis – California voters threw that guy out of the governor’s office because of inappropriate relations with the utility companies, campaign contributions from the very corporations that were screwing us for electricity and laughing about it. But we neglected to throw out the CPU commissioner he planted before we tossed him – Michael Peevey, who is now the president of the commission.

In San Bruno, the mayor is calling Peevey out for his inappropriate relations with PG&E after getting ahold of an e-mail Peevey sent PG&E, instructing them on how to fight the fines that the CPUC was about to hand them, for essentially murdering ratepayers in their homes. Wow  –  that’s like your dad instructing you on how to break into the neighbor’s house, and then watching the front driveway while you do it.  

San Bruno isn’t the only place where Peevey is helping the utility companies pull fast ones on the ratepayers – in San Onofre he’s trying to make the ratepayers pay for a disaster at a nuclear plant.

Don’t forget to hit that link to the video in which Peevey absolutely screams for the man to “Shut Up! SHUT UP!” Watch the CHP officers descend on the man, and watch them stop as the man instructs them of his constitutional rights. Watch a real hero people. 

Or watch this, it’s great, I try to watch it a couple of times a year, it’s very uplifting. A plane crashed into the Potomac River, and a bystander couldn’t stand by.  The cops and fire were doing as much as they could, with all their training and their equipment, but that wasn’t enough. It took human intervention:

We citizens have a “radical urgency”. We seem to be going into shock, we can’t act to save ourselves.  Who will be our Lenny Skutnik?

Tell Governor Brown what you think of Peevey and the CPUC fistpuppets (all of whom are past employees of utility companies, or lawyers that worked for them). Below is a website that gives more information, or you can go to the state website. Better yet – write him via snail mail, they love that!





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