Yes, I’ll say it – Thank Goddess it’s Friday!

I’m just sitting here with a cup of java, thinking about my day. I try to remember what’s on my list without looking at it.

I know ‘tomatoes’ is on there somewhere, that’s a no-brainer. I know I picked a bunch of firm little globes for a batch of salsa, and I still have a little bit of fresh cilantro left. For me, cilantro and cumin really put the cherry on a batch of salsa. And a little squirt of either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

We've been getting some nice bell peppers these days - I knocked this one off the bush by accident, and after three days on the counter it turned red. I love the color and flavor they add to a batch of salsa.

We’ve been getting some nice bell peppers these days – I knocked this one off the bush by accident, and after three days on the counter it turned red. I love the color and flavor they add to a batch of salsa.

I also  noticed, the jays have been pecking at the apples, so it’s time to start bringing them in too. They’re small because we don’t feel confident thinning, I’ve got to work on that. But they’re all good. And the bug traps we made with vinegar and molasses must have worked, there are alot more without worms.

These are tiny but sweet and juicy.

These are tiny but sweet and juicy.


The Fuji’s are getting ripe but the green apples have got a ways to go. So, it’s back to running out there, waving my arms and whistling, try to keep the jays from ruining too many.  The netting seems to help too, but once they find a way in there, they eat their fill. God’s creatures.

I also got to go and clean all the p-traps at our rental we’re turning over. We’ve taken our leisure there, because we have never been able to turn that boat over very fast in Summer. We don’t get families in that house, we usually get young singles, and most of them revolve around the college schedule. They stay for a couple of years, and then they either move along to other pastures or we scrape them out with a spatula to clean up their mess.  Family renters stay longer, but of course they can leave just as big a mess behind. One thing we never ask them to clean is the p-traps.

No, that’s not a trap for pee – it’s a p-shaped pipe under your sink. Stuff collects in that p, no matter how careful you are – just GUNK. And my lord it will stink like pee after awhile. About once a year I have my husband take them all out of my house and I take them out on the front lawn in a bucket of soapy water and I scrub them out with a toothbrush. Then I hose them out with the spray nozzle just to be on the safe side. If you’ve been wondering what “that smell” is in your house, cleaning your p-traps will answer the question – it’s gone!

Oh sure I run vinegar or lemon juice and baking soda through my sinks about once or twice a month. That is probably better done weekly, but I forget. But, while this method definitely makes them smell better on a daily basis, it won’t clean the gunk out of that p. Drain-o won’t do it either. In fact, we have plastic pipes, I wouldn’t bring Drain-o in my house. 

But, I realize not everybody is comfortable taking pipes apart – so DON’T. Call around, find a plumber or roto-rooter man who will help you – once a year, it’s worth having your drains cleaned out. But get somebody reputable. I haven’t used a rooter service for years, since my husband watched them and figured out how to do it himself. We used to have a guy who’d come over and snake the pipes for less than $100. But we found, you really have to take them apart, clean them out good. A snake will oftentimes just push stuff around.

We had a problem with one bathtub for about a year, and my husband had to tear a wall out to get to the pipe in question, but he did it. There was a shampoo cap that had fallen down the drain – tenant had removed the drain cap because her hair kept plugging it. A simple little rubber cap that set on the drain and you could just pick it up and clear the hair off and put it right back.  Instead of cleaning it, she just took it out. Don’t do that. She didn’t tell us she was missing a shampoo cap, so we just kept snaking that drain. I can see that dam-ned shampoo cap, dancing around the end of that snake, laughing at us every time. Finally my husband tore it all out, got that shampoo cap out of there – problem solved. No, we didn’t charge the tenant, but I gave her a good ration for taking the drain cap out.  I still have a hard time renting to people with a lot of hair. 

We have a stall shower with a drain cap that pops out for cleaning. It is a white plastic grate, and over the course of a couple of months, it will get plugged with black slime mold – did you know, soap is a perfect culture for mold? I bet you thought it was eating your grout and dap – no, it’s after that soap and body dander that is sprayed all over the inside of your shower every time you use it. This cap pops out with a pair of pliers, but it’s a bitch to clean – I have to take a rag, and shove it through every one of those tynes, every single one. Because once you clean the first one, it’s very noticeable the rest of it is covered with black slime. Gee that’s one of my fave jobs as Landlady!  I consider showing the tenants how to do it, because it makes the drain plug up, but I usually can’t get their attention long enough to show them stuff like that. They never even want to do a walk-thru, they’re always so eager to get in. 

I hate being torn between my household chores and turning over a rental – I’m doing stuff over there I’d sure like to be doing at my own house. My own house starts looking frowzy. So I sit here and think about my strategy. Like Hamlet, I am unable to act, I feel like there’s work in every direction.

Oh-oh! Time for a WEEKEND!



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