This old peanut butter jar is just the right size for my hand.

An old peanut butter jar finds new life as a drinking glass – there’s always hope.

Friday again already! Time flies when you’re having fun. 

This week has been a blur for me.  Working on the rentals, getting the big house turned over for new tenants, taking care of the landscaping and the garden, getting the produce onto the table and into the freezer,  and trying to get a letter off to my relatives.  On an average day I get up about 5am, because I want to be able to enjoy some peace and quiet before the rubber hits the road.

I also like to get the bread done before the day gets hot. I make a loaf of bread every other day – if I get the sponge on by 6 am, knead it by 7, I can have it out of the oven by 9. I never get tired of that first piece of bread, and I always save the heel for my husband. I like to put peanut butter and jelly on mine. Usually a loaf will last two days – we know it has to, I don’t think I could make bread every day. 

While I’m doing the bread I try to get any laundry rounded up and in the machine. After I take the bread out, I take out the wash, and then try to spend an hour or so outside, fussing over and watering stuff in and around the garden. This nice break in the heat has allowed my lawns to green up again, in the shady spots. The grass only grows in the shade, which saves mowing, that’s nice. I have to be sure to water my container plants every day, they really suffer if they don’t get some water. Not very much – just every day. 

I have different stuff I do during this time for every day of the week. I have stuff to take care of in my tenant’s yards – today I had to water some stuff I haven’t been able to get on drip, and clean up dead flowers. The flowering artichokes that were so spectacular a couple of weeks ago have turned into ugly dead torches. The flowers of early spring are brown and frowzy, and somebody needs to gather them up and put them in the compost pile. By the time my wheelbarrow is full I have sweated through my clothes and I’m ready to take a dip in the old Intex pool. 

In the middle of the day, I’m in the house, maybe watching some pots of sauce on the stove, or making a batch of pasta dough. I like to take in a movie if there’s anything good on broadcast tv. Today  I’m watching an old fave – Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn in “Foul Play.” I like to watch movies I’ve already seen at least 20 times when I’m working, I know when to watch. Right now is the chase scene – “Kojak!” I also try to catch the scene where Burgess Meredith and Rachel Roberts have a karate fight and destroy all this expensive furniture. Love it. And, there’s just not enough Dudley Moore in that movie, am I right? 

I also like to watch the international news on PBS – Newsline from Asia and Journal from Germany. You hear a lot of stories that don’t show up on the American news. Like the story about Australia dumping their carbon tax. I can only dream that California will dump this onerous tax, but when will Sacramento ever have enough money? This is the kind of issue that makes me feel frustrated, ready to listen to advocates of state separation. Like Tony Abbott said, these laws hurt people without fixing the problem. It’s just a revenue grab. 

Mark argues that people cause climate change. I don’t know if he is ignorant or just stubborn. He seems to ignore millions of years of continuous climate change previous to human habitation of the Earth. He seems to believe that the Earth would continue unchanged if people were not present. I think this is a completely ludicrous assertion. People pollute their own environment, sure, but it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in the course of Earth’s evolution. 

Mark, get some sunscreen and a good pair of UV specs – you are being sucked into the sun as we speak, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.  Oh, well, maybe there is – move to Mars. 

I, meanwhile, will do my part – hey, I repurposed that peanut butter jar didn’t I? How much Earth do you figure I saved there? 










2 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. “I don’t know if he is ignorant or just stubborn…”

    He has an economic interest in spreading this nonsense and making sure it sticks. Look at all his “sustainability” programs. Where would they stand without global warming?

    • I keep forgetting, Mark has taken the Sustainability Task Force completely underground. He doesn’t schedule regular meetings anymore, everything is in committees, and the committees don’t have to list their meetings or agendas on the city website. I asked to be noticed of the meetings, Mark says the city won’t give him staff to do that. The latest I heard was Mark and the committee are demanding the city do a new greenhouse gas study.

      Greenhouse gas study is a joke – all assumptions and extrapolation. There are no real measurements or figures, just guesses based on guesses based on guesses. And it costs money that could be going into sitting somebody down at a phone and having them call manufacturers and ask them what it would take to get them to move here.

      While I would not question Mark’s sincere desire to save the planet, I would question his methods.

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