Eeekin’ it out under the big yellow ball

It’s Sunday, 5:36 am, and I am sitting here staring into the box. I have no outstanding chores today, no particular hurry. I feel like the richest woman in town.

I hear a little voice behind my ear – “it’s still early, if you move your arse, you could whip out a batch of banana muffins!”

A little voice behind the other ear answerss, “would you shut the hell up?!”

The freeway is so quiet, I can hear the approaching cars from waaaay out there. Doppler Effect. Sounds like an ocean tide, steadily building, SWOOOOSH!, then easing away.  And there’s the train. My friend Tim Gubbins, who grew up in Chico with my husband, is the conductor on the early train. I always think of him when I hear that friendly whistle. How’s the weather in Dunsmuir Tim? 

Early yesterday morning I could feel that impatient heat, rising up through the floorboards, by 8 am. We keep our air conditioner on 80, but it ran so much yesterday I pushed it up to 81 a couple of times.  I hate that sensation of cold air blowing on my head when I’m trying to use flour on my work board. But, within a half hour, I’m mashing that button down to 80, it gets intolerable up here pretty fast. 

I also try to get into some water. Yesterday morning we took our dogs out early to Chico Creek.  There were already quite a few folks out, many of them after the giant estate sale on Vallonbrosa, probably still going on today.  The smart folks know it’s best to get outside early, and then go home and stay there. I’m real tired of seeing people walking their dogs down asphalt streets at 3pm – hey, I see you got your shoes on, Idiot! 

The rest of the day, I got my Intex Pool – thank you God, for one more Summer with the Intex. I wonder how many more years we’ll get out of it, every time we put it up and it stands, I’m thrilled. All it takes is a lap around, and I’m back to a normal body temperature. I keep old towels for everybody on the patio, and we jump in there whenever we get to the boiling point. 

My older son and his girlfriend have one of those little window units in their bake oven apartment. They’ve done everything they can to mitigate, including covering one window with this really ginchee window shade they made with the bamboo from our privacy hedge.  Of course, their PG&E bill is under $100, so we were thinking about getting them one of those fancy air conditioner units. I’ll have to see what’s out there. 

Well, those banana muffins do sound good, I’ll see if I can get a batch in the oven by 6:30. 



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