Get on up, and get down to the city for your Utility Tax Rebate

Here's a crappy picture of my PG&E bill - notice, they don't include your total Utility Tax on the front anymore - get out your dayglo Sharpie and follow me.

Here’s a crappy picture of my PG&E bill – notice, they don’t include your total Utility Tax on the front anymore – get out your dayglo Sharpie and follow me.


I been getting searches for Utility Tax rebate – I am so glad to know people are on their toes. I’m not the only one around here who is unhappy about the way our city government is running us, stealing from us, enriching themselves personally at our and at our children’s and grandchildren’s expense. Like James Brown would say, “Get up now, get on UP!”  

Hey Baby, Utility Rebates are SEXY!  You got to shake your money maker right down to the Finance Office and get in that conga line for your dough, Joe. And Josephine, there, by the way. Give it the old Repo Man grab.

Above you can see my grainy photo of my PG&E bill. Unlike my mentor Larry Leigh, I am no photographer. Actually, I am a photographer – Larry is a visual artist. How in the heck does he do this?

I cannot compete with Larry, I’m just trying to show you, they’ve dropped the UT amount from the front of the bill, you have to go in there and get it. All of it. Look at another grainy photo – you can see the little amounts, a few pennies here, a few more pennies there – my May UT added up to almost $5. That’s $60 a year, just PG&E.  The city of Chico is like a gang of gypsy pickpockets, just got their hands all over you. 


32 cents here, 47 cent there - the pink Sharpie is a must.

32 cents here, 47 cents there – the pink Sharpie is a must.

I  know, $5 – what a Cheap Ass Juanita is!

Sheesh, how many times do I  have to take you out behind the wood shed and feed you a heaping helping of the foul smelling  truth? It’s another $5 toward their fucking $48 million pension liability. And we have never, never, gotten around to talking  about their unpaid health insurance liability – I saved an article about that a  couple of years ago, and it’s sitting in my drafts file with spider webs all over it. 

Then this morning, my friend  Bob The Troublemaker sent me a note reminding me, they pay interest on the liability. Dammit Bob, I just got my stomach back in there, and you had to come along with that! Just kidding, I really appreciate my friends who poke me in the ass every now and then, make sure I haven’t had a stroke.   Bob says there’s 7.5 percent interest on that $48 million, I knew that. It explains the various figures Brian Nakamura has given us on this liability. At one point he projected it into the $60 million range, now I realize, he was talking about the interest. Bob says that’s about another $3.5 million a year. Oh Bob, you are too kind – it’s $3.6 million, I checked. 

Yes, as Nakamura has reminded us, if we don’t get cracking paying that off, it will just grow like rabbits, and the next thing you know, the rabbits will have eaten Chico and we will all have to hit the road looking for a new place to live. 

My dad used to ask us, “‘We? Who the Hell is ‘We’? You got a mouse in your pocket?”  He also liked to say, “you didn’t ask me before you got yourself into this mess, I don’t know what you want from me now.”  Don’t think he was unkind – he always said  these things with a smile, and then he pitched  right in to help us, advising us, “now, your mother doesn’t necessarily need to know about this, ” adding with a stern look,  But, if you get yourself into another mess like this, I’ll tell her.” 

My dad was no dummy, if he caught anybody in a lie, Oh Boy, that was it. That was not a “Can of Whoop-Ass” situation, that was an immediate cut-off. You never heard the Silent Treatment – loud enough to make you deaf – until you messed with my dad. We watched him cut off old friends over lies and double deals, people he’d come out to California with when he was a kid. All you had to do was admit it and apologize, but some people will never admit when they’ve made a mistake. The city of Chico is holding on to their mistake with both hands, determined to make us pay their way out of it. 

You got to GET ON UP and  say HELL NO! Now go down there and  get your Utility Tax Rebate.





4 thoughts on “Get on up, and get down to the city for your Utility Tax Rebate

  1. Is your utlity bill usually only around $18?

    I live in a little one bedroom apartment and my bill never runs below $40 except last month where the state had some kind of discount so we could all go out and buy things to fight global warming. So the bill was around $18.

    • You know, my family of three moved into a little apartment to cut bills, and I was really disappointed to find we didn’t save that much money on PG&E. I guess we really had a low bill at our old house – shady trees and groovy old storm windows with 2 inches of air space really kept it cool, and our wood stove really kept the gas bill down in Winter. Our bill was about as low as we were going to get it I guess, it still hovers between $60 and $100 in just over half as much living space, with modern insulated windows and a more efficient AC. Go figure.

      so, here’s the news that gave me a mini-stroke the other day – Summer rates. They cut the tier allowances about in half, which – am I right here? – means double rates. This is going to be tough for my family, but I know many people whose bills dwarf mine. My family doesn’t use that much air conditioning, we keep it around 79,80 – but most people we know keep their thermostat at 75 or lower. I have a couple of older friends who have a tough time in the heat, and another friend whose respiratory problems force him to keep his windows closed all year round. These folks have bills in excess of $300, for 1300 and 1400 sf homes. PG&E’s rates are onerous.

      this bullshit about power shortages, high demand – we’re so stupid – it’s their wages, benefits and stockholder bonuses. We need city and county leadership to protect us from the utility companies, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

    • I was just looking at my bill – about $5 in taxes, before Utility Tax. It’s like a lunch bar, they just mosey on up and take a seat.

      I will tell you why my bill is so much higher than yours – when we moved in here, I refused to give up my big-ass refrigerator/freezer and my chest freezer I keep in the garage. we eat a lot, and I buy a lot on sale, and in summer we grow a lot of stuff and I freeze it. I don’t know if my savings offset my PG&E bill, I never done the math, but I don’t know how else to live. When Safeway has whole chickens on sale for 79 cents a pound, wow, that’s like half price, I buy three or four. When my father-in-law butchered a 4H pig he bought, we got all kinds of yummy pork – what would we have done with that FREE FOOD if we hadn’t had a chest freezer? We just used the last pint of tomato sauce from last year’s garden, and we had it once or twice a week all winter. Right now the bottom of that freezer is lined with pints of lemon juice from our little lemon trees – they put out lemons like crazy in November, and I use a hand press to juice them.

      But, when I sat in on the Sustainability Task Force discussion about “real time pricing” (manipulate charges by time of day), one member proclaimed loudly that “people don’t really need refrigerators.” He certainly would have said we don’t need chest freezers. I’m guessing he also would have said, “Juanita, you need to get a conventional job, put your kids in school, stop trying to live your values and jump into the cesspool with the rest of the lemmings…”

      The city of Chico has helped PG&E to screw us because PG&E gives them money in the form of grants – remember the $350,000+ that was divvied up between various members of the STF for their “consulting” services? And then there’s Utility Tax, which means, the city benefits from our misery. As our rates go sky high this Summer, they will be flush in UT.

      I wish I could get a group interested in doing the work to carry a petition to council that would force them to lower the UT. Right now they have it set at the maximum 5 percent – raised from 3 percent on a suggestion from Scott Gruendl. Summer would be the time – it’s going to be pretty awful, and they’re up for re-election, so we just might be able to do it.

  2. And don’t forget the idiotic cap and trade costs and “green” energy requirements that Sucramento has mandated. That drives the cost of our utlitiy bills way up.

    From Oct through May I never use my AC. I virtually never use my heater in the winter and I hang dry my laundry, I live in a small one bedroom apartment and during these months my utility bill is around $45. In the summer I use my AC to keep the temperature so it doesn’t get hotter than 85 and my utlity bill is typically around $65 to $85 depending on how hot the summer is.

    Utilities are a rip-off in Taxifornia just like everything else.

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