Aloha also means Good Bye

I got this little card on a package delivered the other day.


It's funny how I can expect something to happen but never really be ready for it.

It’s funny how I can expect something to happen but never really be ready for it.


It was from our UPS man, Larry. Larry has been delivering our packages since our kids were teeny-weeny.  We like online shopping, so he was in our driveway a couple of times a month.  We’ve greeted him when we’ve seen him around town, his silver blonde hair hard to miss. He has never failed to look up at my kitchen window when he delivers to my neighbors, and if I’m doing something in the sink, we exchange waves. My family watches for him when we expect a package, and we’ve all enjoyed some friendly jabber with him as we’ve met him halfway up our long gravel driveway to take a package. I wonder if he knows how many times he said something to one or the other of us that helped us make some decision or figure something out. We respect his opinion on stuff. 

I tell you what, I have known some really fine people, met them in casual circumstances, and ended up having a great deal of affection for them, even knowing absolutely nothing about them. I almost hate getting attached to people, you know how that will eventually end. I remember when our mailman retired.  He used to pull up to the front of my husband’s workshop when he saw the door open and come in to see what my husband was up to. Twice he knocked on our front door to tell me I didn’t put enough postage on something. And our insurance man – I knew I was welcome in his office, and he’d come out and talk to me if he wasn’t on the phone with a customer. He was a bank of information, a great resource for advice of all kinds. Then the  lady who ran our dentist’s office, who would put aside her morning tasks to talk to me about the latest letter I’d written to he editor. Just recently before Larry, there was our long-time realtor, Rusty Hammer – he also sent us a post card, which is smart, cause I don’t know if I could have got through a physical good-bye without crying.

 These people have been with us through thin times, a firm shoulder, a smiling face, a kind word.  Sheesh I hate Good Bye. I never know how much emotion to show. I don’t want to stress people out, I don’t want to make a scene, but I want them to know how much I will also miss seeing them on a regular basis. That I never took them for granted. I always know – “oh oh, this person is going to leave behind a hole the size of the Grand Canyon…” But, I try to like people anyway, I need to relate to humans.

Larry has been one of the most human humans I’ve ever known, I’ll  be looking for his face out there. 


2 thoughts on “Aloha also means Good Bye

  1. As you know, Juanita, I don’t ever write comments to blog posts. In this case, I must make an exception. Larry’s been our UPS driver for the 12 years I’ve had my office on Mangrove. I concur 100%. Larry is indeed one of the most human humans I know.

    Godspeed, Larry. Enjoy retirement, as I know you will (in most of the same places I’d be if I were retiring). We’ll try to adjust after this month.

    • Thanks, but I doubt Larry has time to read blogs, so you should be sure to tell him yourself.

      And, it was really nice of you to offer to come down to the library at your convenience to explain the Nature Center budget, but I don’t want to have that conversation in private, you will have to discuss it on the blog. Please explain why they haven’t been paying ANYTHING toward that $206,000 debt – there is plenty of money in that budget for some sort of payment. But, I’d also say, a more competent daycare operator could make a lot more money, I don’t understand why they aren’t making more money – a daycare operation in this town?

      You need to talk to a competent daycare provider about why this operation is failing and unable to pay their bills. That wouldn’t float in the private industry, yet Caitlin and the others continue to collect paychecks. Pension?

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