Those April showers that come your way

Troubled skies over Chico.

Troubled skies over Chico.


Friday we heard it was going to hail, so we got busy and wrapped our more sensitive new plants with freeze cloth. I thought, what a lot of trouble to go to, but wow, Weatherman turned out to be correct – within an hour we were be “a-salted” with little frozen pellets. At the first clap of thunder Biscuit hustled her little legs up those stairs and took her storm post under the boy’s bed. 

Here's where I thought God was going to go "Old Testament" on our asses.

Here’s where I thought God was going to go “Old Testament” on our asses.


We stood on our covered patio and watched the show, and my husband started to notice, the big cloud directly over our heads was spinning like a top. Little “teasers” hung off clouds all round, the tiny little beginnings of tornadoes. I started to look around the yard, wondering if any of our stuff might go airborne in a high wind, like the old tarp and bamboo shed we made years ago to protect our pile of bicycles. One day I watched it hop across our yard and bound over the fence into the neighbor’s driveway. 

So, we watched kind of anxious, Badges ruff-ruffing at the booming thunder. Suddenly the sky in front of us lit up in a flash that made things look like a camera negative. We went right in the house, Baby. 

I was expecting a package, and my mailman is pretty steady – comes between 4 and 6pm. So, I sat in my front window and watched for him. Right in the middle of a dumping downpour, he skated up to the end of my driveway, hesitated a minute, and took off like a rocket. He doesn’t like to leave packages in the rain, and our driveway looked like a river, so he decided to wait until the next day, good for him. 

About 6pm, it let up.  The quiet was comforting. 

And geeshy sakes folks, you know what they say about April showers.


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