Why isn’t city of Chico doing more to help us fight Cal Water rate hike? Here’s what you can do – write letters, tell your friends, tell your grocery checker – spread the alarm!

A1207007 – Proceeding


Filed By: California Water Service Company
Service Lists: Service List 1
Industry: Water
Filing Date: July 5, 2012
Category: Ratesetting
Current Status: ACTIVE
Description: In the Matter of the Application of California Water Service Company (U60W), a California corporation, for an order 1) authorizing it to increase rates for water service by $92,765,000 or 19.4% in test year 2014, 2) authorizing it to increase rates on January 1, 2015 by $17,240,000 or 3.0%, and on January 1, 2016 by $16,950,000 or 2.9% in accordance with the Rate Case Plan, and 3) adopting other related rulings and relief necessary to implement the Commission’s ratemaking policies.
Staff: ALJ: Robert Mason (Assigned Jul 13, 2012)
COMMISSIONER: Catherine J.K. Sandoval (Assigned Jul 13, 2012)


Almost every day I search for information regarding our Cal Water rate hike, and finally I came to this page. It’s so hard trying to stay informed, it’s not like any of the public workers behind this move are going to help us. 

Click on “Service List”. You will see all the people who have been in touch with the various state agencies involved here, people who have really worked hard to stay informed. I recognize a lot of these names from the group I’ve been networking with, people from Oroville, Sutter and Lake Counties, and others I’ve seen in their e-mail lists. I also see officials from various towns, like Scott Huber, who is now the city attorney for Oroville.

But sheesh – no county officials? No city of Chico officials? 

The county has been helpful, when I’ve asked, but they haven’t exactly dived in to take the lead. And let’s face it – the city of Chico WANTS THE RATE HIKE! It means, more Utility Tax, no brainer there. 

A few months back, a state staffer gave me CPUC president Michael Peevey’s e-mail – that’s micheal.peevey@cpuc.ca.gov  

I’ve been sending him inquiries, and forwarding the letters written by the county board of supervisors (they sent them to staffers, I wanted to make sure the commission actually saw the letters). So far, I have had no response, but neither have I had any indication that my e-mails to Peevey are not being received. So, I see in the notice above that commissioner Catherine Sandoval, a former utility company attorney, has been assigned to our case. I will try to contact her.

People, I am screaming for your help. A woman I know just told me, her homeowners association dues are going up due to the water rate hike, and her neighbors are shocked. “Most didn’t have a clue...” she told me.  Well, where in the hell have they been? What do they do with the notices they get in their water bills – Origami? 

We must write letters, write letters, write letters. And TALK! Tell your friends, bring it up to your grocery checker. Next time the over-trained monkey at your bank asks you how your day is going, say, “It sucks, Cal Water is about to raise my bill 38 percent!” Let me tell you, that blank expression on their face will give way to “What!?!” When Stephanie and Sue went out to the Thursday Night Market to spread the word about Measure J, the cell phone tax we defeated two years ago, they were met with almost complete surprise, and anger. People were shocked, cause they hadn’t been told. 

Yes, Cal Water has told us about these hikes. There was a packed house at the “hearing” they held in March 2013. But what? Everybody just forgot? Yes, they most certainly did. And it’s our job, to remind them. 



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