How far should we go in calling our city council members on their hypocritical ways?

Busy, busy, work, work. The days blend together now, everything needs to be done all at once. 

Today I pedaled down to the grocery store with my husband on our Schwinn Twin for meat and grog. And, oh yeah, those chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies. Dammit I love the holidays. 

I was just telling my husband about my latest fantasy job – candy tester for Mars Corporation – when I was confronted with Ann Schwab. Sheesh what a sour puss that woman is. Took the air right out of my cloud, there went my candy tester job. Along with a guaranteed health insurance policy and a profit-sharing plan. And crimony the free candy!

I see Ann at Safeway alot, heck, it’s right across the street from her apartment, or I’d think she was stalking me. That’s just sarcasm, of course – the look on her face always says, “Oh, shit, you again.” Pretty obvious she wouldn’t get her kicks snooping me out. We just have the same work day, the same eating schedule, the same last minute shopping habits. 

One habit I’ve gotten down fairly good is reusable bags. I been carrying reusable sacks for years, and I had to keep reminding myself. No, I never turned around in the parking lot to drive home for my sacks, I never even walked back out to my car. I’ve never purchased bags unless I’ve wanted that particular bag.  I have even purposely left my bags at home to get plastic bags, so useful around the house. But, I would say, I carry my groceries out in a reusable sack over 50 percent of the time. I have a couple that I like particularly for their square bottoms and long handles, suitable for carrying as a knapsack. They also fit real handy into a bike basket next to a six pack of Sierra Nevada. 

I notice Safeway has followed suit with Raley’s and put a sign on their entrance reminding customers of their reusable bags. Good, I really think that stuff works. Reusable bags are logical for a lot of goods, and I think most people would agree we should cut waste of all kinds. It’s simple – bags have always added to the cost of our groceries, they were never “free”. So sure, providing sanitary, durable reusable bags for a reasonable cost and then putting them out there, reminding people, sure, that’s great. Like subliminal advertising, it gets into people’s heads, and more of them will eventually imprint it and start practicing it.  When it’s appropriate and convenient for them. 

But, legislate behavior? No. That crosses my thin blue line, between where I’ll be reasonable and where I’ll start sticking my tongue out and mimicking everything you say. The bag ban has always insulted me. It’s not the sentiment that should be behind it, it’s the hypocrisy that shows like a an old yellow slip. 

I don’t know, maybe Ann had one of those Neat-O! Chico bags in her purse, sure, that’s what. Cause I never see a sack hanging over her shoulder or off her back or even crumpled in her hand. It must be a Chico bag,  all tidily cinched up in it’s own teeny sack, hidden in her purse, that’s the thing, right. I never have the nerve to follow her, watch her purchase her goods, and then see, once and for all, does she use a cloth, nylon or other reusable sack?  Or is she a hypocrite? I never have the nerve, I tell myself, this woman should not be bothered in the grocery store! geeshy sakes Girl, have some class! I stare ahead, I sing “La, la, la” in my head while pattering some inane BS at my husband, and I walk on by. I wish I could say, “Hi Ann,” but I don’t have any sincere feeling of goodwill toward the woman, I can’t fake good will. So, I just shut up and pretend she’s any other person in the crowd. 

Well, tonight, after I got home and unloaded my goods, I realized, she bothers me in the store. What do you call this dang bag ban? It specifically targets grocery stores, like, can you set the limbo pole any lower Honey? How many people can avoid the grocery store? Any other store can use whatever horrific bag they want – tear down a forest, pulp it into bags, throw them at customers two thick, pile them 100 feet high in the land fill – hey, put a Post It note on the top for the archaeologist who digs it out of Tampon Mountain – “We really didn’t mean it to happen this way…”

Oh well, I will try to take the high road. At least through Easter, cause the high road leads into the candy section. 





14 thoughts on “How far should we go in calling our city council members on their hypocritical ways?

    • Yeah, I knew I would get at least one response out of the mention of those marshmallow bunnies – why only Easter? Why don’t they sell them all year? And PEEPS!

      Dave – you’re my friend with COOL toys. Hope all is well out at the race track. Sheesh, the manager of the Silver Dollar needs to get old Go Go Gruendl out there to open the races! What the heck – put that weasel in a car and let him show us what he can do, I’d be dying to see that. From the safety of the stands, of course.

      • LMAO!! I have such a sweet tooth! Doesn’t matter what flavor, as long as its sweet!
        It is beyond comprehension to me why those idiots aren’t behind bars for the mess they put us into!!
        We got a good thing out there at the track on Friday nights!! Don’t need that mob screwing it up!!
        Besides, the pits are full of rednecks, he might end up getting drug around by a rope behind a car!! That would fill up the stands!!

      • Yes, I’m sick of the liberal gravy train, but I would be satisfied if they just went away. And stayed away.

        I’ll tell you what though, I have often thought of running for city council, and here’s my sweetest fantasy – I become mayor, and am invited to the Silver Dollar to open race season.

        Hmmm, maybe we’d get some better candidates for city council if we held up a sweeter carrot.

      • Wow, thanks for the motivator, but I was told by those in the know that I should be ready to spend at least $10,000 of my own money if I want the establishment to take me seriously. Successful candidates usually end up spending somewhere between $30 – 40,000. If I want donors to take me seriously, I have to put up my own dough first.

        I don’t understand the relationship between money and winning elections, but I know it exists. I’ve voted for underdogs, but they never make it. It’s always the biggest spenders.

        It’s different with opposing measures – we spent $330 against Measure J, we didn’t even get all the signs put out – we just had to tell people what it was, and they came out to vote it down. But trying to sell yourself to voters, I guess that takes a lot of money. Fred Davis said he was going to run without money, he ended up accepting contributions anyway, but still got his ass handed to him on a plate.

        I wouldn’t mind being mayor of the Silver Dollar, that’s for sure. I would work to promote the racetrack – let’s face it, neck-and-neck with Chico State as our top tourist attraction. In fact, I’d like to see the figures – race fans may spend more in town than the college parents. Scott Gruendl likes to say that Artoberfest brings a lot of money to town – when I have asked for the figures on events like the Gold Cup weekend, Concours d’Elegance, etc, they say they don’t keep figures like that. They try to tell us that Artoberfest is the only event that brings in bed tax, that’s a straight up lie, but they won’t give the figures from the motels or the exact dates the totals were up.

      • I like Fred Davis!! Great guy!
        Artoberfest! What a waste of time! I wish these liberal idiot equity refugee’s would stop trying to change Chico into Berkeley. God I miss the Chico of the 70’s and 80’s!! What a blast it was.
        Politicians lie? No!! I’ve lost faith!!! LOL

      • Fred Davis came off like a nice old man to me, invited me to coffee, but tried to get me to shut up, didn’t like me talking about the RDA or the salaries, always tried to tell me, he wanted to help me “get it right”. Well, I was getting it right, alright.

        He and Lando are the chief architects of our problems – they were the ones who engineered the MOU that attached salaries to “revenue increases but not decreases,” and then went on a permits binge to raise revenues. Lando’s salary went from the $60,000 range to about $160,000 over three or four years. Fred is now one of out top pensioners, which is weird, cause I never figured his salary was that high way back when. He makes more in pension than Lando – $149,613/year to Lando’s $134,837/year. And that figure does not include medical benefits or any other perks, that’s straight salary (those figures go up with cost of living, btw)

        This is what happened to our construction industry. We used to have a lot of good construction jobs, sustainable because we had a lot of housing to build over many years. Davis and Lando came up with their plan to raise revenues – they speeded up the permit process and dumped a lot of developer fees. And here we are today! Our housing is way overbuilt, our market is bust, construction workers all over town out of work and unable to pay their mortgages.

        Mort Zuckerman, on the MacLaughlin report, said it when my kids were tots – cities all over America had hooked into the same scheme, and he warned then, were overbuilding. He talked about how construction workers would become artificially rich, and overspend, and have a bunch of kids, and then WHAM! He predicted the bottom would fall out, and unemployment would start to go up to new levels. Boy, was he right, I got unemployed or underemployed friends all over the place, their wives doing maid work and other menial jobs to help make the mortgage. No college for their kids – or jobs!

        We were all distracted by the puppet shows at city hall – Artoberfest, The Hands, the Spirit Flags, the proclamations – that was all a petty distraction to keep us from reading the employee contracts.

        Hey, remember when The Red Rocker came to Acker Gym? Did I dream that?

      • Holy shit!!! That’s a bunch of dough! How the hell did we let that happen?? I just met Fred one time about 5 years ago. Seemed like a harmless little old man. Didn’t realize he was raping us taxpayers. Can you imagine getting that kind of cash showing up in your mailbox monthly like magic? Fuck me!

      • I don’t know about anybody else, but I been screaming about this crap at the top of my lungs and people just look at me like I’m some kind of nutjob. Right now, Brian Nakamura has ordered staff not to answer my e-mails. Chris Constantin replied to one of my inquiries,

        “Hello Juanita,

        At the request of the City Manager, I have forwarded your email to him for response.


        Chris Constantin
        Administrative Services Director

        No, Nakamura never answered me back on that. I had told them they needed to include a low-income subsidy in their figuring out the new garbage tax, and asked how that would affect the numbers. The silence is deafening. I just wrote another note asking why they are switching their benefits provider from CalPERS to IMCA, when less than a year ago the city of Sacramento did the opposite, saying CalPERS is cheaper. No response AT ALL.

        I pissed Constantin off because I wrote a letter to the full council asking them not to dump the Sunshine period before they signed the cop and fire contracts – Constantin wanted that dumped. Then the ER came out saying the same thing – keep the two week sunshine period, the public needs time to read these contracts. Constantin came to one of my meetings, giving me a song and dance about how much money we were “wasting” over that two-week sunshine period. Then I saw the contracts, which they approved, giving the public safety workers a three year notice period before we can dump them.

        They don’t exactly let us in, and when they do hold that door open, nobody really seems to pay attention.

      • People are just too wrapped up in their own lives to do anything about it. I hate to use one of their buzz words but these benefits and wages are unsustainable. The only way they can maintain it is to keep charging us more. Unions have ruined this country as of late. Their was a time when they served a purpose (50 damn years ago) but now its just greed and power. My water bills amaze me. PG&E is unfuckingbelievable with their rates. I don’t know how a family surviving on a 30-40k a year income can make it. When they (pg&e) changed my old analog meter to a “smart meter” my first months bills were $985. I had never paid more than $200 before that. Fireman, police, teachers, utility companies are fleecing us! There’s no end in site. We are circling the drain. Lazy people that have no business voting are busy (lazy, busy! lol) voting themselves goodies. You should have to pass a drug test to collect welfare. Then you should have to do something for it unless you are extremely disabled. The rot that is infecting society as a whole is going to be the undoing of this country. Everyone feels entitled to what you and me WORK for! Were raising a generation of idiots! Dumbing down the schools. Everyone gets a trophy bullshit!
        I know this would never pass but I think a great fix to a lot of the problems is simple. In order to vote, you have to have a dog in the fight. Meaning in order to vote, you need to have a job or own property or own a business. Crazy idea I know, but the lunatics outnumber those of us that are financing their lazy lifestyle!
        Rant over! lol

      • You know, I often fear you are correct – here in Chico, I’m afraid the public workers (those lazy people whose lifestyle we are financing) make up a serious voting block. And, I’ve suspected, they bring in people from out of the area at voting time. I think our voting rolls need to be audited for people who are registered to vote at fake addresses. For example, Mark Sorensen once told our group that he’s seen people listing their address as The Jesus Center. He said he saw one name he recognized, using a public building as their residence address. I believe a lot of Chico State employees use that address, when they really live miles outside of town. The rolls are available to the public, I could go down to Candace Grubbs’ office and demand them, but then what? Sit til I’m blind?

        Frankly, I think we need a better county clerk. And we need a better city clerk too. Presson is still showing the election info from 2012. Unfortunately, we don’t get to elect city clerk, but Grubbs has an opponent. I’ll try to find out more about her.

  1. Careful, you start questioning who’s voting and whether or not they are eligible you will get titled a racist! Not sure how the left rationalizes that, but they do! I’m not saying all public employees are bellied up to the trough, just some. Your example of Lando and Davis amaze me.
    I imagine the inter office politics are brutal! I once was employed as a General Manager of a private country club. Talk about office politics! I couldn’t stand it! Resigned after about 9 months while my stomach lining was still intact. I’m sure what goes on down town is no fun!!

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