Here’s a bullshit sandwich for you! Bag ban lady Leslie Johnson now wants a permanent “camp” for the homeless – and the $taff time just keeps roooooolling along!

Remember the bag ban? No, that has still not been passed – but Lori Barker got council to agree to let her take it back to the city attorney’s office and tweak some more $taff time out of it.

We can thank one woman for this jacking off of taxpayers monies – local attorney Leslie Johnson. I’ve heard this name – this is the single person who asked the Sustainability Task Force to come up with a bag ban ordinance. One person. But when I asked the STF to call the Enterprise Record and ask them to include “opt out” information in their tree-pulp mailer, Market Value Place, Ann Schwab just wouldn’t do it. Flat refused. $taffer Linda Herman offered to put the information on the city website at the taxpayers’ cost  – isn’t it amazing how quick these people are to spend our money?

Linda, give me a break – nobody is going to think to look at the city website, and then what? It’s not like you advertise it on the front page. First I had to remember, Linda works in “solid waste”. To me that says, Number Two, but it means garbage. I just happened to know that, which is good, because I have to also know to click the “departments” button at the top, then scroll down to Solid Waste, then hit…well, right now I’m waiting, because the city website has deteriorated into an unusable pile of shit.

Get off your dildo and do your job Debbie Presson, I’m getting sick and tired of excuses, excuses, excuses. People who make over $130,000 a year as a secretary are not allowed to have excuses Sweet Pea.  I just had to ask her for reports from next week’s agenda that weren’t loaded properly. Before that I had to ask, why aren’t the candidates’ statements available on the website. It’s just business unusual down at the clerk’s office, where she’s still months behind on the minutes. 

With the clerk permanently on leave from her senses, we are left with the newspapers to tell us what’s going on Downtown. Currently Ms. Johnson, having handed her friend Lori Barker a big fat cash cow, has come up with another bad idea – a permanent camp for the homeless.

First I’d have to ask her, how many homeless does she have sleeping on her couch? I would ask that she turn her own home into a homeless shelter, before she asks me for another thing. I’m sick of the whole topic of homelessness, here’s what I think.

We’ve all had a hard life – you think my dog dying is a tragedy? I don’t even talk about my real problems here people, get a grip! My kids have seen stuff kids shouldn’t have to see, that’s for sure, but you don’t see them falling down in their own shit and expecting everybody else to give  them a boot up. People, real people, struggle with adversity every day, awful things, real life nightmares, and go on to be productive and decent human beings. Why do people like Leslie Johnson insist on guilt tripping the rest of us over a small group of losers who just won’t do anything for themselves? We built the Torres Shelter – that’s just a salary for some interloper – they’ve mismanaged that place so bad the homeless won’t stay there, afraid of getting bugs. Bidwell Park is already a homeless camp, and Johnson and her friends have hog-tied the cops with their bullshit about these people having some kind of right to turn public land into their private pig pen. 

No Leslie, take your carpet bag down the road, you egg-sucking bitch. Let’s see you fill your living space from top to bottom with these people. This is all about salaries for public workers, don’t forget that either. 




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