I’m worried about Democracy

I’ve been busy with the campaign speaking events at the library. I’m not sure how I feel about the turnout – sure, it’s cozy and fun to sit in a little room with a small group and a lively chat, but I wonder – are my meetings representative of the voting public? That’s it? That’s all the people who are willing to make such a tiny effort as to show up at Chico library for an hour and  get informed? I’m worried about Democracy, Folks, she’s looking a little frowsy.

I mean, you people are aware, there’s a primary in June? I feel like I’m blowing a lunch whistle at a bb stacking plant.

These candidates are so wonderful to do this, I’m just overwhelmed by the cooperation I’ve had from various candidates. I know they have been nervous as cats, getting up in front of strangers, they really care what you people think. They’re willing to talk turkey about what you want. Where the hell are YOU?

Sorry to be bitchy about it. I’ve been talking to a couple of communication experts lately, trying to figure out, how to get people to pay attention. A couple of my friends have said, loudly – OFFER FREE BEER!  Hmmm, I’m not throwing that idea out yet.

I can’t believe nobody wants to see Larry Wahl, given his popular stance on the county’s marijuana initiative. I’ve got him scheduled for March 9 at noon, and I know there’s more than marijuana on your minds folks, write down those questions for Larry. We have Assembly candidate Ryan Schohr on March 30, noon  – he’s a nice guy, and DUH! you want to have a rapport with your assemblyman, get in here! Then I have Andrew Coolidge, our first city council candidate on April 27, noon. I’m working with other candidates too, trying to get the county people in by the June primary. 

Every candidate I’ve contacted has been cooperative. It’s the voters who are acting like divas these days. Unfortunately, I thought I had a group of people who wanted to work toward Democracy, but they seem more determined toward a total Republicracy – whatever that entails, I’m pretty sure,  it doesn’t include everybody. That’s their mistake – put out that campfire Girls! You’ll attract RINOS!

Hey, anybody know where I can get ahold of that singing frog?


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