Still looking to opt-out of Market Value Place? e-mail Clint Royer –


As always, I get a lot of searches for how to opt-out of  “Market Value Place.” That’s the advertising circular the Enterprise Record sends out by way of the post office every Wednesday, unwanted, to all of you who don’t subscribe to their daily. They can buy a list of every resident’s address from the county recorder, or from various list services, eliminate their subscribers, and send MVP to everyone else. This is how the Enterprise Record guarantees their advertisers “total market saturation” – they mail MVP to every resident who does not subscribe to the paper, voila! That’s French for, “it’s like shooting fish in a barrel!

 I no longer receive it. The postmaster says, junk mail advertisers are supposed to include “opt out” information – simply, an address or free telephone number that you can call to tell them to take you off the mailing list. The MVP did not include this information.  I called the ER circulation department, and when I stated my request, the woman who answered laughed and hung up on me. Sick of walking this pile of dead tree pulp from my mailbox to my recycling bin, I continued to rattle chains, from then-Mayor Ann Schwab, to ER Editor David Little.  Schwab’s Sustainability Task Force was in the process of shoving a plastic bag ban up our asses, but unsympathetic to my requests to get this pile of virgin wood pulp out of our mailboxes. When I kept nagging at them, STF member BT Chapman finally  used his clout as a member of a city commission and got Jenny Jurdana’s e-mail. Linda Herman, the city staffer who used to administer to the Sustainability Task Force, agreed to put a link on the city website. 

I e-mailed Jenny Jurdana yesterday to see if the address is still good – she got right back to me, cheerful and helpful. Be nice to Jenny, she’s a Goddess-send.

It was a real thrill to get rid of that crap, hope you will too. If you need something to wrap wet garbage or line a bird cage, there’s always the News and Review. 


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