Current president of Cal Public Utilities Commission is former head of Cal Edison – is anybody surprised?

If you haven’t already  felt this in your bones, I’ll tell you – Winter is about to be over. Lately I  been watching huge flocks of geese, hell bent for leather, NORTH!  Watch the Olympics – that’s some slush in the bottom of that halfpipe baby, get your surfboard Sean White!

This morning it’s raining at Sugar Bowl. Eeeeeechhhh! No amount of rain proofing will keep your butt dry when you sit in that puddle on the lift chair. 

I will get over it. There have been bad years before, and good years will come again. No time for tears, at my age, you just look toward the horizon.

Hmmmm, 8 am. I'm not sure how to read this - does anybody have tea leaves?

Hmmmm, 8 am. I’m not sure how to read this – does anybody have tea leaves?


I have to keep reminding myself – darks skies are good right now, darks skies are good!  I want snow, I want to have fun – but wants and needs are usually quite unrelated. We need just enough rain right now to keep our big trees and our streams healthy.  We could use some snow – but like my mom always used to say – Well, Hon, there’s people in Hell who want ice water, but  that don’t mean they’re gonna get it.

Of course, the water suppliers will still use the drought to gouge us for water, don’t let it happen. Go to California Water Rights, get connected, join us in making the California Public Utilities Commission listen to our complaints about feathering the nests of Cal Water employees and their shareholders. Don’t be a boiled lobster, like the people in LA and San Diego. 

San Diego currently has no fresh water supply, they have to buy from remote water districts and pay other water districts to “deliver” their water. But look, they’re building new residential as if people don’t even need water.

You’ll note, that project is intended to bring rich retirees and vacationers into the city, more revenues for the city of course. And, those people can afford bottled water, which, according to the following links, has become a necessity of life if you want to live in SD by the sea.

This is the problem – Southern California is an immigrant destination, the weather is nice, yadda yadda – until you get thirsty. 

“Lots of folks back east, they say, is leaving homes every day, hitting the hot old dusty way to California Land…but the po-lice at the port of entry say, “you’re number 14,000 for today…”  And you ain’t got the do-re-mi, believe me, to buy bottled water in Southern California. 

Water is not a commodity, it is a human right. We all pay taxes, even the poorest among us pay the property taxes on a house. We deserve to be protected from this kind of gouging over our natural resources, owned by all of us. The California Public Utilities Commission is upside down and not doing their job – they are supposed to work for us, but they work for the utility companies.

I have been trying to get contact information for the CPUC, all I got so far is a guess at the e-mail address of the president of the commission, Michael Peevey – I’ll try it and see what I get. In the meantime, you could call his office at (415) 703-2782.  Please tell him that Cal Water told our town, we’d conserved so much water, they needed to raise rates to recoup operating costs. Tell them your notice (as did mine) said they wanted over $500,000 for office worker pensions and over $400,000 for field worker pensions. Tell him we’re sick of picking up the tab for pensions that the employees pay nothing toward maintaining. 

You probably shouldn’t  tell him he has no business sitting on the Public Utilities Commission when he is the former  President of Edison International and Southern California Edison Company, that probably won’t get you anywhere. No, you shouldn’t mention that, try to be polite and nice. But it’s definitely something you should know and be pissed off about. 

Don’t forget to check out California Water Rights, a great site put up by Oroville for Reasonable Water Rates. It’s under construction, but has some interesting information to get you going, and a contact mechanism.

I also like to keep an eye on Marysville for Reasonable Water Rates facebook site

Get involved, please, we need to make the CPUC listen to us. In fact, I just posted that letter from the Marysville group – they were saying, in Arizona, they elect their public utilities commissioners – wow, that’s just the way it should be everywhere, why do we put up with this stuff? 

Wake up! You left the sprinkler on!



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