Some promising news on the water rates issue – thanks to Marysville and Oroville for Reasonable Water Rates!

Well, it’s coming down pretty good outside now, and I can feel all the muscles in my neck have released and my jaw has slid out of that set. Today my dental hygienist told me, I been laying onto those front teeth, asked me, “been having stress?” She smiled – she’s a mom, it was a mom joke. She told me my pockets had improved, and I didn’t have any cavities. Then she gave me some of that absolutely bitching expandable floss, and I bounced out the door.  Already feeling pretty good, cause things haven’t been going my way lately, and I expected to have a mouthful of rot, but I didn’t, I noticed the first drops of marvelous, magical rain. 

I get a little testy in my badger den when it doesn’t rain. I thought I was going to have to water my yards, and that’s like cashing your paycheck into pennies and and throwing them into the river. I thought I might miss out on my iris blossoms this year, what a tragedy. But right now I’m listening to the water pour into my gutters, drum drum drum on the roof, it’s so wonderful, I don’t even care if it’s dark and dreary out there. My husband placed a plastic barrel under a downspout, and it’s already over a third full, and filling up fast in this sudden pick-em-up.

And, you know how these things are so funny – so many folks from the Marysville/Oroville for Reasonable Water Rates group have written to Assemblyman Anthony Rendon, his staff is already answering back with good news!  Cal Assembly staffer Sue Kateley wrote to say there will be a hearing in days – February 3rd – in Sacramento, “to discuss affordable water rates for low income and disadvantaged communities.”

I know, that’s pretty short notice, but it’s still good news. If you can’t make it, you still  have time to write your thoughts to Assemblyman Rendon at  We are asking for the suspension of the WRAM, with an investigation before the public. Is WRAM really about water conservation, or just another way for Cal Water and other private water companies to manipulate our rates monthly  without any hearing or CPUC action? 

Please think about dropping Mr. Rendon a quick note. Keep it short and to the point – WRAM discourages water conservation and penalizes responsible consumers with unfair rates.Please suspend it and give us a fully sunshined investigation.


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