Don’t rock that garden yet, there’s hope on the horizon.

When I saw this I immediately heard the Psychedelic Furs singing "Pretty in Pink"

 “isn’t she pretty in pink…”. 

This morning I could smell a change in the air – maybe rain, maybe not. But some sort of change is brewing out there.

like the skirt on a Dega ballerina...

It looks like the skirt on a Dega ballerina…

23 years ago, we had a drought scare, everybody was referring back to the 1970’s and getting ready to ration their toilet water. I had a baby on February 25 of that year, and by the time I came out of the resulting exhaustion, it had started raining like crazy. They called it “Miracle March,” and I can’t remember the exact stats, but we got some outrageous proportion of the year’s expected rainfall within that 31 days. It rained something crazy like, all but seven days? Something like that. I just remember, one of the first things I saw when I struggled up out of bed, was a bed of garlic I’d planted that was already six or eight inches high. It was miracles all around for us that year.

now orange like forest on fire.

now flaming orange like forest on fire.


What I do know is people are networking and groups are actively fighting the water rate increase, and I think there’s some hope on the horizon. I’ll keep you posted.

Skies are brightening.

Skies are brightening.




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