Bad news – it’s still winter.

Now, that's totally out of whack. The sun is supposed to be all the way over to the left, behind that lonely sequoia. Winter has moved herself in, and she ain't leaving.

Now, that’s totally out of whack. The sun is supposed to come up all the way over to the left, behind that lonely sequoia. Winter has moved herself in, and she ain’t leaving.

There is the photo proof Folks, as of yesterday morning.  it’s still Winter. Don’t let those balmy afternoons fool you – there was frost on the roof!

I’ve been trying to work some stuff into the garden, laying out a bunch of spinach and lettuce seedlings the other day. I sprouted them in my little plastic house because I figured it was a little too cold outside. They’re easy to replant, so tiny, they are pretty tough. But tasty too! Just an hour after I’d set the spinach in the dirt, something ate the leaves off of almost every plant. Gardening is a very social affair, you meet all the bugs.

I’m waiting for gopher to re-visit this bed, I know he’s thinking I’ll be stupid enough to put my garlic and onions in there. Forget it buddy, I got those in lined boxes. I hate to  resort to violence, but if he messes up my lettuce bed like he did before, I’m going to set a black hole trap in there. 

These last few days I been on a cleaning binge. Today I’m going after the windows, which are dotted with smudges and strung over with long-abandoned cobwebs. The blinds give off a regular blizzard of dust whenever I open or close the slats. I like to do windows, it’s a little thing that makes your whole house (or car) look a lot better all the sudden.  And, you can see outside, I like that too. Aside from a few rosy hours after noon, it’s still chilly outside, I like to look at it when it’s too cold to touch.  We live upstairs, the bird watching is outrageous. Right now we get a flock of flickers in our walnut trees a couple of times a day, they’re so cute, like little clowns. 

Another job that’s good to do this time of year is take a dust mop to the ceilings and walls. Maybe you haven’t noticed how dust builds up on those surfaces, but if you watch you’ll notice, the surfaces actually seem to shine after you pass over, and if you’re not careful you’ll see streak marks where you missed a bunch of dust. A lot of times dust builds up in weird patterns around ceiling fans, a-may-zing. I lay old sheets over the furniture in my immediate work area and a rag over my face, and go for it. It’s also a wonderful upper body work-out. 

Oh yeah – did I say ceiling fans? Wow do they get gross, always a job for landlady. I don’t have a landlady, so I get up on a step stool with a rag and do them myself. Incredible little dust magnets, those blades, even on the surface facing the floor.  

Landlady cleans for a living, it’s always nice to clean my own house. In Germany, they call it “Fruhlingputz”, Spring cleaning, cause you know, it’s nice to think about Spring even when Winter is sitting firmly at your door. 


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