Don’t forget to stay active on the Cal Water rate hike

Wow, was that a “rainstorm” Saturday? My yard is so dry I can hear the ground crunching under my feet. In Sacramento they’re sounding the DROUGHT! warning, so I was not surprised to see an article in the paper recently, claiming “Residents in Chico, Paradise show progress on saving water.”

But I don’t think it’s the drought that has caused people in Chico to save water – it’s the price of water. Cal Water spokesman Mike Pembroke agrees – he says people really started saving when Cal Water started converting Chico meters to “metered” instead of “flat rate” – meaning, oh my goodness, what an idea! – more people are finally paying for the actual water they use instead of paying a flat rate to let the hose run all day.

Yes, I believe in water conservation. I hate water waste. But, when I saved water, Cal Water sent me a notice saying, I’d saved so much water, they had to raise my rates! It’s really hard to  trust these creeps.

I haven’t heard anything about the water rate increase decision, but at the Marysville for Reasonable Water Rates facebook you can read what officials are doing in other cities, like Lucerne near Clear Lake, and Claremont in Southern California. Claremont has actually voted to buy out their provider,  Golden State Water Company, after years of one bullshit rate hike after another.

A few years ago, the state legislature passed a bill that gave the CPUC the power to inspect the financial records of water companies. Here’s the link:

give it a read, and then write a letter to your governor, who signed it, and your idiot legislators, Jim Nielsen and Dan Logue. Both of these guys are going in the wrong direction – Logue is proposing a water bond and Nielsen is running around banging pots for a water storage facility (steal water and keep it in a fake lake).  Neither of these lengths is necessary. We have plenty of water, don’t let the drought whiners tell you otherwise. What they want is water to sell down South, and they will use this drought to scare the stupid people holed up in filthy stinking cities into voting for these ridiculous measures.

Tell Logue and Nielsen they need to get off their dead butts and tell the CPUC  to make Cal Water show their books. We want to know what kind of profits they’re making off our basic human needs before we agree to one more rate hike to pay for one more stupid corporate building. That’s what they’re doing with our rate dollars, read it here:

Our elected and appointed officials are not doing their jobs – I know, what else is new? Well, hopefully it’s your attitude. YOU need to take a stick to these people. Should I tell the story? Okay, Book In Common – The Old Woman and Her Pig!


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