Eat my powder Big Kahuna!

I’m waiting for my family to jump out of the sack and into the car, we’re headed out on the road for Southern California today. 

Saturday we went on a road trip to Oakland. I hadn’t been to Oakland since before I was married.  It’s an even bigger wreck than I remember. We went to a youth hockey tournament in an old warehouse in the industrial section, inches from the roaring freeway, and were told by the guy working the snack bar, “don’t go out of this immediate area, the neighborhood gets a little rough around that corner there…”  Oh, you mean that corner there, with the charter school on it?  Okay, I don’t need to be told twice. I put my buck knife in my pants and I stood by a door out of which I could see my car. I lived in Sack-o-tomatoes, I know the routine. Nothing makes you quite so glad to live in Chico like a little trip to the Bay Area, eh? And then you also have to ask yourself, “why do our cops make as much as Oakland and San Francisco cops?” 

But, I digress.

Today we’re headed for a smaller town – Mammoth. We save for this trip all year, because we can squeeze in G-pa and the mules, who live not too far away in the Mojave. I have never been to Mammoth, my family made a trip there last year and really liked it. It’s not as expensive as you’d think, and the great thing is, it’s not swarming over with people.  We love Sugar Bowl up at Tahoe, but they don’t have as much snow this year, with the same crowds pounding it.  So, we are looking for something different.  We had planned for a couple of weeks away, but when we found out they will have a bunch of celebrity boarders and skiers that week, like Shawn White and Kelly Clark, we realized  that would be bad for us. The crowds would be unusually huge, and we’d spend all our time in the lift lines. So, we moved our plans, thankyouverymuch.

Unfortunately, I will be missing the upcoming CARD Aquatic Center Committee meeting, that’s tomorrow night, Jan. 7, at 6:30 pm at the CARD center. I wish somebody else would go, that’s all I can ask. 

At the same time, Chico City Council will be meeting in closed session to discuss these contracts they’ve flopped out. They’ve made the employees pay “their own share” – 8 percent, big f-ing whoopie!  I wrote telling them they need to sunset these contracts in a year and go for more. They are making the new employees pay only 50 percent, that’s not enough either, but it seems completely unreasonable to me to make the new hires pay 50 percent while the old bloated goats already on staff pay 8 percent. I can’t respect a person who would take advantage of the public trust, but I respect those of you even less who just sit by twiddling your thumbs while Chico burns to the ground.

Me? I’ll be boardin’, Dawg. I will be putting Gravity in it’s place.




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