Bless our house

Our Christmas Dream House

I don’t know if I’d like to live in a gingerbread house  – can you imagine the pest problems?!

These days I have been trying to find fun activities for my family. Last week my husband and I found this gingerbread house kit for $9 at TJ Maxx that contained a pre-assembled house – YIPPEE! No more holding the walls until they stick together! Our kid is 18, you’d think he’d be busting to get out on a Friday night, but suggested we build the house. He started it while we cleaned up the dinner mess, carefully lining the shingles across the roof with the little pastry bag full of frosting. Then he added doors and windows. Apparently satisfied that all the structural basics were covered, he sat back to let his dad take a whack at it. 

My husband was concerned that the unit did not have any heat source. and went about building a very fine gumdrop chimney, assuming that somewhere inside a tiny wood stove would appear. We won’t know – we forgot to add a door knob, and the windows are glued shut.  I guess we will have to watch for a tiny stream of sugar smoke to come out.

We also decided to add gumdrop lights around the eves, even though there is no PG&E hook-up.  Chirstmas is supposed to be magic, you know!

After we’d adorned some, my husband, ever the hippy, added his peace symbol wreath over the door. We’re pretty satisfied with this building project.

But, you know, we never got  those dam-ned permits. So, on New Years Eve, we will wrap our little house with a string of  Mexican firecrackers, set it atop our burn pile, blow it up, shoot at it, and then, at the stroke of Midnight (or whenever Mom starts getting the sleepy-eye) we BURN IT!  

In Mexico, you make a clever little paper-mache statuette, hollowed out and filled with tiny presents and candies, and then you hang it from a tree branch or in the middle of a dance floor, and you take turns donning a blind fold and bashing at it with a stick until the treats come spilling out all over the floor for everybody to share. 

Either way is a good way to banish the bad spirits of the previous year, and get ready for a whole new year ahead. You come up with your own tradition, just keep it safe. 


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