Good Morning Sleepyhead! Now go back to bed!

“Fall Back” is a good reminder – clocks are made and controlled by people.  Our notion of time is really fake, we can manipulate it however we want. Nature is the true clock – when you get old, your body becomes your clock and calendar.

My body says, it’s time to hibernate. I want to go to sleep right after dinner, and stay in bed until the sun hits the windows. So I set my stove timer – a really annoying little beep, that gets faster and more insistent when you don’t come right away to turn it off. “Wake up Dear…..come on honey……still waiting….WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!”

And, it’s a sufficient distance from my bed that I actually wake up on the way in there, no turning off the alarm in a half-sleep and going back to the sack. No, by the time I’ve found that dam-ned button in the dark, I’m so awake I’m ready to go chase cars on the freeway. 

The freeway is also a good alarm clock. At about 4am on a weekday, it begins to humm. By 7 am this has become the roar of the ocean. I have to shut my windows for the 8 – 9 am rush. And then things kind of mellow out. By afternoon the noise, even at afternoon rush, is not so noticeable as it is when it splits the peace and quiet of morning. 

I depend on a clock and calendar to keep me in touch with other human beings.  I know I have a Chico Taxpayers meeting this morning at 9am, that’s a time landmark for me, like trash day and Sunday morning when our entire neighborhood is taken up by the cars of the Evangelists.  

I also try to keep up with the various city meetings – most of which occur at the beginning and end of each month. I ask $taff to notice me of these meetings, which is a service offered only half-willingly by the clerk’s office. I find I still have to be aware that meetings are coming up – I don’t know how many times I’ve been dropped from notice lists and had to ask to be re-added. I just had to send a note to $taff to please get me back on the Finance Committee list, I seem to have been nudged again!

Today I will hop on Old Myrt and head over to the library, have a good yak with the other taxpayers, then I’m headed over to Ham City for some roller hockey. Chico is hosting teams from Davis, Sonora, Livermore and Stockton.  The “Junior Varsity” plays Davis at 7:30 am.  For those of you  transplants – Davis is our longtime rival, like 100 years, we hate them, they must be humiliated at any opportunity. The big kids will take a swipe at them later, 12:50 start time.  

Yes, in Hamilton City – turn left at the railroad tracks, it’s right behind Larkin’s in an old blue sugar warehouse backed up to the  tracks.  You ain’t been anywhere, Folks, until you’ve been to a roller hockey tournament. They’ll have burgers and dogs at about 11:30. 


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