It’s Celia Cruz Day – MANOS ARRIBA!

I don’t usually care about Google “days”, but today they are celebrating the life of Celia Cruz. Check her out, it will put some cha-cha-cha in your step.

I found out about Celia Cruz a few years after her death, PBS did a show about her.  She was la Reina de la Salsa – the Queen of la musica Latina. If you watch her, you know why. She just had “it” – tiene tumbao. 

Today would have been her 88 birthday.   I don’t know if I want to live to be 88, but I wish I could have half of Celia’s tumbao, just for a day. 

She did a lot of great songs, but here’s my favorite video, because it leaves you feeling like there’s another sunny day right around the corner,  la primavera esta a vuelta a la esquina.  Por que llorar?

So, today, manos arriba! Hands up! Be happy! Whenever something is bothering you, hold your hands up and shout, “AZUCAR!” 


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