Dear Atlas Yates

Please don’t contact me in my private mailbox anonymously to tell me trash gossip.


2 thoughts on “Dear Atlas Yates

  1. I didn’t realize you’d become so conscious of staying out of people’s personal lives. In my recollection, you’ve said some pretty vicious things about people without an ounce of discretion about who might hurt in the process. If you’re changing your habits, I commend you for turning over a new leaf. BTW, I enjoy your blog. AZY

    • I’m guessing this is Pie Guevara, or David, or whatever name you’d use if you weren’t sneaking around anonymous.

      Here’s where you blew it – you sent your first “tip” to my private e-mail, anonymously. You didn’t use your real name because you know I got tired of giving you my time to run your little rants. You got all pissed off at me when I criticized the cops and flustered all over me in my private box, instead of commenting publicly, because you like to bully people “Pie”. I wish I’d never given you my private e-mail, you use it to try and get in my ear, take my time, distract me. I don’t have time for you any more old man, go back to Jack’s blog.

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