Debbie Presson is a vindictive (edit!)

I’ve been thinking alot lately about this ugly mess Downtown. I always knew Debbie Presson was a phony and a fake – it’s hard getting around a sugar coated cunt like her. She won’t give you what you are asking for, but she’s so nice about it! Have a great day!   This is a woman who could hand you a plate of steaming shit as though it’s a giant white hunk of angel food cake.  She is a duplicitous, scheming bitch with a grin that says she is not afraid of retribution. 

Yeah Debbie, I knew you were lying when you giggled and told me that you’d (oops!) given me wrong information, on several occasions. Information you should have known right off the top of your head. You do the noticing down there – you expect me to believe you don’t know it’s 500 feet, not 300 feet like you told me? “Sorry!” she’d say, but she’d always giggle. She told me the councilors made $50,000-something EACH, when that was actually the total of their pay – made me look like an idiot in a letter to the editor, and I got a testy little e-mail from then-council member Larry Wahl, complaining that I had the wrong figure. I still have the e-mails from Debbie’s office, detailing the whole bullshit story she and her staff gave me. “Oops!” Giggle!

I guess she expects us to believe it was a mistake when she showed the private addresses of those people requesting public information to the TV news cameras. Read about that here:

I guess she made another mistake when she found poop coming up in her bathtub one morning. I went down to ask for a video or something, and Presson and her staff were all atitter over her septic tank failing, oh me oh my.  See, you’re supposed to have those babies pumped, about every three to five years. It’s still a-LOT cheaper than being on sewer, but it’s something you have to do.   I look forward to it – my technician, Barry, always has some hilarious stuff to say about his latest dealings with the city of Chico and the county, he’s a good source of information, really fun guy to talk to over a hose of flying poop.

Seems Presson had neglected her septic tank, and, oh LORD! Had to look at and smell her own shit one morning, bubbling up in her bathtub. I felt sorry for her, having to come into work, all the way from her home in Paradise, down to Chico, when she had this problem to deal with. Although, she brought it on herself by being a neglectful homeowner. But I tried to cheer her up – told her I could find her a good septic tank technician, get it all cleared up. She already had one, she said. Well, what’s the problem then? I immediately realized, I was being insensitive. Poor old Debbie was looking for a shoulder to cry on, and I didn’t have one. See, I can’t feel sorry for a woman who drives down here from Paradise, where the cost of living is about half as much as Chico, to take a $135,000 salary off of people making less than $40,000, who pay at least twice as much for housing and everything else as she pays in Paradise. She  could afford to have her tank pumped every week! She could afford to be on sewer! In fact, her office presides over noticing people that they will be forced onto sewer down here in Chico!  But she expects me to feel sorry for her? 

And here she sits, her actions having a direct influence on those of us living and paying taxes in the city of Chico, while her home that she pays much lower property taxes on sits in a town 20 miles up the road. She is allowed to use a woodstove, and plastic shopping bags! I think it’s outrageous that these staffers suck crazy salaries out of a town they don’t even live in. They don’t have to live with the consequences of the stuff they get paid to shove up our ass. 

Here’s my suggestion – we need to elect our city clerk, just like we elect county clerk every four years. I realize, it’s  tough to get qualified individuals to run against their boss, just like District Attorney, because you know people like Ramsey and Grubbs and Presson are vindictive – Presson is proving that right now as she cuts out all the stops to go after her former subordinates.  We have to find someone we can support to run against Presson and make sure that person wins so they don’t have to put up with the consequences of going up against their vindictive boss.

You know, I think there’s already a few people around here who won’t have to worry about Presson anymore.  Hmmmmmmmm……


2 thoughts on “Debbie Presson is a vindictive (edit!)

  1. What fund did the $350,000 that Debbie Presson get for her harassment complaint come from?? Who signs the checks for hushed complaints when it involves city employees? How do we monitor city employee’s complaints and payouts for those complaints?

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