oh oh! My day is about to suck!

Yes, despite the best efforts to stay healthy, the school year rolls around and brings a bunch of nice new diseases to town about every six months.   No, you can’t prepare. If you get the kids a flu shot, chances are it’s the wrong vaccine – oops! And worthless. Or, it’s not the flu that is coming into your town – this year they say it’s an outbreak of strep throat, which I remember getting very sick with when I was a little kid and it routed my school over in Princeton. I remember because my grandma didn’t realize I was sick until she’d already gotten herself ready for work – she was the principal over at Codora School, as well as the sixth and sometimes fifth grade teacher.  She was all dressed in her nice dress, lipstick carefully applied, and when she bent over to feel my forehead, I reared up and barfed all over the front of her dress and stockings. 

We kids all got it, one by one, we laid in bed feeling like we’d never get well again. There were little white blisters on the inside of our mouths, and we didn’t even want to hold our heads up to watch Gilligan’s Island on tv. That’s pretty bad, I’ll say.

So yesterday, as my son was doing his homework, and I heard him sigh heavily, I thought it was the homework. I went in to give him a pep talk – hey, I passed math, that makes it do-able for any idiot!  But I came in to find him white-faced, and stripping off his clothes – right in front of me, a girl! He said his head “feels so heavy I can’t hold it up.” He was clammy and flushed, I fought panic as he dropped into his bed and pulled his comforter around his neck.  We don’t use thermometers around here, we use hands and lips. There was no fever, but he said my hand felt hot, and his head felt like a wet rag. He lay there, and I stood motionless listening to his breathing until I could pull myself together. I went into the bathroom and got out the homeopathics. When his head started to feel warm and dry, I gave him some aconite, a homeopathic remedy for sudden fever and headache. I gave him an Ibuprofen too.  Then he slept.

About an hour later, saying he could not afford to be sick because he has so much homework, he got up. He said he felt better, and he’s his own person, so I let him go back to his homework. I gave him doses of echinacea with goldenseal, and another Ibuprofen before bed. 

This morning he felt better, but my husband had the same type of episode and is laying in bed – really unusual.   Now I also worry about my older son, who is a student at Butte along with my younger son. He’s gotten the flu several times at the beginning of a semester.  It’s always like an alarm – we know, we’re all going to get it in turn.  We’ve always taken him straight to Immediate Care and then used whatever they gave him for the rest of the family. Whatever works. But now this. strep throat.   I read over the symptoms – yes, I have a rash on the back of my neck, which I had attributed to cleaning the garden, thought I’d got some tomato sap on myself. Now I wonder, will I get suddenly sick today? 

So, if anybody gets any sicker, I guess we are off to Immediate Care. I’ll keep you posted.



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