More OPT-OUT – the saga continues to continue

Again, I am getting a lot of hits from people looking for opt-out information, some of them specifically naming Chase Bank.

Those Chase Bank things are annoying, we have been getting two or more a week. I don’t feel secure throwing them in the trash – watch the post office annex, I have actually caught strange characters going through the trash bin. When I asked one guy if he lost something he just turned and walked out the door. So, I bring mine home, and, along with the junk I get in my home mailbox, I shred them and put them in my vermiposter – let’s see that guy get past the worms! 

This gets old though, I’m sick of it.  I finally got around to sending simple letters requesting OPT-OUT to each of the credit reporting agencies, as I was instructed in my Chase Bank letters. Within a couple of weeks I had responses from Experian, for each name and address request I’d made (separate for Post Office box, and one for each of us adults).  They congratulated me and told me I would not be receiving any  offers of credit for the next five years. And here’s a bonus – they sent me a form that will take me off the list forever!

Unfortunately, Equifax was not as forthcoming. I got a letter from them the other day saying I’d have to call to get myself off their list. I hate phone calls, I’ll tell you why – there is no record of the call, no recording, it’s your word against whoever’s. But, I had already put time and a postage stamp into this venture, I decided to call – 1-888-5-OPTOUT.

At least it was a robot. There was a time I’d rather deal with a human – a human that speaks competent English, doesn’t try to sell me something I don’t want, and doesn’t engage me in needless chit-chat while stalling me around. Those days are over, I’ll take the robot. This cheerful robot asked me for my SSN. That threw me a little, but I realized, this is Equifax, they have everything on me, they can already fraud the shit out of me, and yes, Equifax employees have been nailed for frauding unsuspecting clients. So, I went along with this online Flo, telling her everything she asked. I was amazed when she repeated it all back to me, perfect, in that weirdly human but not alive voice of hers. She got my name and address, telling me I’d receive a form in a few days, that would OPT me OUT forever! But, as it stands, I’m OPTed OUT for five years.  Finally, with a congratulatory whirl, she told me I was all done, and unless I wanted to OPT-OUT a family member, I could hang up. I not only wanted to OPT-OUT my husband, but we both have two addresses to OPT-OUT – but, I was sitting over a hot bowl of homemade mac and cheese, so I decided to get back to it later. j

I’m assuming I will hear from the third credit report company, TransUnion, any day now, as I mailed my inquiries to all three at the same time. The letter I got from Chase Bank didn’t mention it, but I just had the feeling I’d better contact all three agencies.  Get aload of this notice in the Equifax letter:  Q:  Why doesn’t my credit information from Equifax match that of Experian and TransUnion?  A:  Credit information providers do not share your credit data with each other…” Including updates, like say, you paid off that car, removed that lien, etc. So, “You will need to contact the other credit companies…” Yourself, got that? Nobody is looking out for you, Bruddah. 

Hey, I have not heard a word out of Geico since I opted out at their website – – and we were getting three or four of those A WEEK! Go-go-GEICO!  They’re off my shit-list, I may buy their insurance some day. 

The anvil will outlast the hammer.


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