Thanks Dave!

Bad air quality makes for a pretty sky.

Bad air quality makes for a pretty sky.

Between the fires in almost every direction, and the harvest activities to the west, the air is full of crap. It’s ironic how gorgeous the early morning sky is at this time of year. Last night the full moon was washed in red. 

 Every morning I go out to my garage and realize my car is gone, destroyed, fini!  I don’t use the car alot, but there’s times when I need it, and it stinks not having it.  AAA provided us with a rental car for a couple of weeks, I think at least until we get some sort of payment for our car. But you know how it is dealing with rental agencies – I won’t drag you through my experience,  we’ve put a check mark by almost every rental car agency stereotype.  

AAA has been kinda 50/50, you know, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One minute they act like, “what do you want from me?” and then the next minute it’s “oh I’m so sorry!”   I’ll be happy when we get a check and it’s good.

But you know who’s been really nice, is David, the Vice President of Operations at Oakland Coliseum.  My husband was wrestling with a water heater in one of our rentals when he got a call from this nice fellow, what a surprise, all the way from Oakland.  David had heard all about  the fire, wanted to assure us they’d handed over a very thorough report to the insurance agencies involved, and wanted to offer my husband, son and their friends free tickets to the A’s home game of their choice. 

While it will probably take a little bit more to restore my faith in the entire Human Race, this man has certainly restored my faith in the Oakland A’s.  Thanks Dave. 


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