Out of the mouths of babes – I hope this girl grows up to run for city council


Well, here’s the flip side to having your car melted – you meet nice people.

My husband told me, a family from Oakland who just felt bad about our car melting in their city, they drove him to the airport to get the rental car. They even stayed with my family and friends, like an after-the-exploding-tailgate-party tailgate party.  Well, you can’t beat that. This disaster happened at 7:30 or so in the evening, in the industrial section of Oakland, a section of town where even people from Nueva York would not get off the freeway after sunset. It’s August, the sun goes down fast, and nothing empties out faster than Oakland Coliseum parking lot after a totally embarrassing ass-kicking from Cleveland. I don’t know what my husband would have done if these folks hadn’t offered him a ride to get the rental car.

But my family wasn’t alone. There were other cars burnt to a crisp and people stuck. Most of them were more local and had called friends/family to pick them up, but they were all pretty upset. One man had an older car and only the basic insurance – he didn’t even know how he would get his car out of the lot.

Don’t think having insurance is your ticket – AAA treated my husband like shit, gave him the total runaround, he had to call and call until he got somebody who wasn’t too insane to help him. AAA has the highest rating of any American insurance company, but remember, that rating is NOT based on customer service, it’s based on how much money they’re holding. The logic being, they should be able to pay, right? Well, there’s your Catch-22 – they have so much money, because they spend more money fighting claims than paying them.  So, the next few days we expect to be arm-wrestling with AAA, trying to get what we’ve been paying for all these years.

My son told me, that while my husband went to the airport and he and our two friends were milling around the parking lot, the uninsured man tried to get into an incident with the perpetrator of this whole mess – a 22 year old man-boy from Yuba City, who, by the way, is getting married next weekend. How lucky for him – if I’d been there, the bride would be making a run for it right now. I would have straightened her out – “Run Honey, run for your life! This guy is a Darwin Award candidate!”  I just can’t believe such an act of stupidity – like I said earlier, I’m just so relieved I’m not his mother!

But here’s a little girl who makes me wish I had a daughter – she is from one of the families who also lost their car, who were very nice to my family, considering the shock they were in. She says it.


I love the pigtail twirl, it’s gonna go viral.


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