Dog Days: my car melted yesterday

My family had their 15 minutes last night – our car was burned in that fire at the A’s game.

I’ll say one thing – at least it wasn’t my kid who parked his car atop a smoldering bbq and sauntered in to watch the game.

My husband and son went with a couple of our friends, went early to get the Yeonis Cespedes bobble heads. They’d parked near enough the car in question that both the driver’s side door were melted off our car.

My junior college psychology teacher told us that losing a “major” possession is considered to be one of the 10 most stressful events in a person’s life. “Major” meaning even a wedding ring or fave watch.  Yes, I will say, getting the phone call was definitely stressful. When my husband called after the game and greeted me with, “You’ll never believe what happened…” I immediately thought he was going to say my son had got another autograph from Nick Swisher, who was there last night playing for the Cleveland Indians. Got a home run off the first pitch, which was only the fourth pitch of the game. We love The Swish, he was real nice to my kid when he was still playing for Oakland, autographed his ball, got a bunch of other guys to sign it, and generally treated my kid like some kind of co-worker or something, real nice guy.

No, we did not get another autograph from Swisher, dang it. Some guy parked on his own bbq and melted our car, what the heck!?!

Well, the door were still attached, but quite melted. And of course, the fire department smashed out all the windows just to make sure the car was completely trashed. Sorry, but the city of Oakland people my husband dealt with were so rude, I hope Oakland slides off into the sea in the next  Big One.

Well, the doors were still attached, but quite melted. Thank you City of Oakland Fire Dept, for smashing out the windows and filling the car with water – that was quite helpful. The policeman who told my husband, “It’s on private property, I don’t care…”(and won’t be making any report whatsoever to justify an hour or so of his well-compensated time…don’t you just love the cops!?!) was not helpful.

When my husband told me what happened, I thought, “Oh no, what did I have cabbaged away in that car, in all those little pockets and secret compartments?”   First Aid stuff, travel packs, old travel guides,  letters from relatives with cemetery information  –  my old IZOD windbreaker that folded into it’s own pocket! But apparently the car was put out, and my family was left sitting there for hours waiting for AAA to arrange a rental car and a tow-truck for the remains, during which time the wreckage cooled off enough for my son to pilfer through it.  He brought me a back pack full of junk.  I think it’s all there – it really stinks – but it’s all good.

Our car was only two years old. It’s like yesterday, we sold our old station wagon on Craigslist, and went over to Wittmeier to buy this little 4×4. Only two years later, it’s already depreciated by a third of it’s value – great! One day we have this great little car we bought new and kept on maintenance schedule and probably the worst thing we did to it was carry my son’s hockey gear in it, now what?

I’m just grousing, we’ll deal. But, I must say, given the way life treats me, and how I am left to deal with it, without even a tiny violin symphony from Downtown, I have to laugh when somebody appeals to me about the feelings of certain city employees, and even their families. I have been told that these people have feelings, it’s hard for them to do their job with all this criticism. And it’s hard on their families to have to listen to it.

First of all, I have to ask – does Brian Nakamura live in Chico? Does he own a house? Does his wife live here? I think he said his kids were in college elsewhere, so I don’t think they have to deal with any taunting on the playground. “Hey, your dad SUCKS as city manager!” I would ask same about Orme and Constantin. But, you know, just out of base curiosity, I don’t really care.

What I care about is what they’re doing to our town, which is all I’ve complained about. I’m not talking about personal worth when I complain about salaries – every person is priceless as far as I’m concerned. When I complain about the salaries and their corresponding benefits it’s because they’re not sustainable, not plausible, and no longer supportable. I’ll say, it should be criminal to take these kind of contracts that leave cities stripped financially, but since it’s not, let’s just negotiate new contracts and let bygones be bygones – okee dokee?

But get off me with the touchy feely stuff, or I’ll puke in your lap.


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