On Vacation, Day 3: Mary Goloff resigns? No, she’s still on council, and that’s not resigned enough for me

Wow, I just can’t turn my back on Chico for five minutes –  Scott Gruendl Mayor? And Mark Sorensen is going along with it?

I’m sorry, Sorensen is getting way to friendly with Gruendl.  And, they’re up to too much stuff behind closed doors. I don’t believe this is a sudden decision on Goloff’s part, and I do believe that Sorensen and Gruendl helped to orchestrate this whole thing.

Gruendl and Sorensen have just perpetrated a hostile takeover of our town, and Gloloff went along with it to somewhat save her ugly face.

Gruendl and Sorensen have too much stuff going on behind closed doors, like the contract talks, and the “Mayor’s Business Advisory Board,” etc. I’d bet my last five dollars they meet regularly with ex-city manager Tom Lando, and there’s a concerted effort to pass a sales tax increase in either 2014 or 2016.

In Stockton, it took three years for the newly appointed city manager to come forward with a sales tax increase pitch. That gives Nakamura and Co until 2016.

In other news, I’m having a fabulous vacation, nestled away at Pudding Creek, which is a bird watcher’s Paradise.  I’ve spent the last couple of days tooling the beach on my mountain bike, and when I’m kicking back at the motel, I have a balcony overlooking Pudding Creek, a fabulous little marsh with all kind of wildlife. Blue Heron and Egret have entertained me with their incredible fishing talents, as well as this little “get out of my spot” drama they keep playing out. There’s a rookery just beyond this little pond – you can hear the egrets at night, all flapping and squawking in the trees back there. Heron sleeps on a big dead pine tree  back in the swamp, I watched him stretch his neck and fly right at the balcony this morning, coming in to take a quick bite out of the pond. Egret is busily working right now.

And two of the biggest kingfishers I have ever seen are quarreling over a premium spot on the old dam that stretches across the creek to keep the salt water from mingling with the fresh.

A man has just arrived with a kayak, I’ll have to go watch.



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