Take no prisoners

5:50 am, me and Hummer await the sun. There he is, about the center of the picture, sitting on the phone line.

5:50 am, me and Hummer await the sun. There he is, about the center of the picture, sitting on the lower power line.  Look harder.

Civilization has collapsed Downtown – city e-mail is OUT! And you can forget the phones – they were already having trouble Monday, when I tried to get through to the parks department. I just kept getting put on hold and never gotten back to. I got transferred all over the building, at one point, I got ahold of Brian Nakamura’s receptionist, Heather.  She was frazzled, poor thing. People were jamming the phone lines, pissed off about the park closures, is what I’m guessing. The Save  Caper Acres lady is giving out Brian Nakamura’s number, good for that.  Mr. Nakamura is the head of this stinking fish, let him fry.

Oh, excuse me – that seems to be Heather’s job!

I’m guessing the same smash has “shut down” the city’s e-mail – or, it’s been shut down by staff, who was sick of being called on the carpet for this thinly veiled public strike.

Yes, as far as I’m concerned, our city workers are on strike. They’re just refusing to do their jobs, and that would include, our new $212,000/year, plus benies, city manager Brian Nakamura.

In this morning’s paper, the cops announced they will quit doing their jobs in September, but as we know, those lard asses haven’t done their jobs for quite some time now. 

They don’t want to pay their own share of benefits. Well, I got news for them, I’m not stopping at “their share,” I want them to pay the whole wad. 

No sleep til Brooklyn. Down with that Bee-atch?

UPDATE:  According to the city website, e-mail is coming in again – we’ll see how long it takes Constantin to respond to the e-mail I’ve been resending every hour and a half since about 8:00  this morning. 


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