If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen – here’s a BBQ chicken that will have you licking the bones

Despite his predicament, Chicken is probably very comfortable hiding out on the bottom shelf of my refrigerator.

Despite his predicament, Chicken is probably very comfortable hiding out on the bottom shelf of my refrigerator.


I bet you’ve already noticed – everything gets cheaper when the students go out of town. They are still considered, by many retailers, to be the backbone of our economy. In fact, at last week’s Economic Development Committee meeting, $taffer Shawn Tillman hinted gleefully that the recent market survey run by the city and local businesses had indicated we don’t take full advantage of our student population!  At next month’s meeting he will report further as to just exactly how we can get more turnip juice out of these kids whose parents are already paying way too much tuition.  

But for the time being I will scramble to take advantage of 99 cent/lb chickens at Safeway. I long for the day of the 79 cent/lb chicken, or even the 89 cents asked just last summer, but I’ll pay 99. 

Here above I have posted a picture of my latest victim, cut to pieces with my husband’s fishing knife, rubbed with salt, and shoved into a zip-lock bag. Here I will keep him on the bottom shelf of my refrigerator for as many as three days before he starts to get rank. 

I found this great cooking website online a few years ago – Juancho’s BBQ. 


We first tried his Pot Webber “smoked” whole chicken, which is a pretty elaborate process – indirect heat –  but worth it. Omigod, it was worth it.  We had never stripped a bird that completely, it was so good, we even ate the skin. But, it takes a long time, and it’s not fun to hang around the grill in this kind of weather, so alot of times I just cut the bird into pieces, coat the pieces with salt,  and marinate it in the bag a day or two, or three. Then we bbq it standard style, in less than an hour. 

I want to try the “highway chicken,” you split the bird leaving him attached at the tail, flatten him out, and it looks like he’s been run over by a car. Some people call this “road kill chicken.” Looks like fun for Halloween.

There’s something so good about plain old salt, it’s just crazy. I use a tablespoon of salt, and that about coats the quarters. No garlic, no black pepper, nothing but salt. 

I’ll try to remember to post the bird after we cook it, maybe tonight. 


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