Baseball fan Bryan Stow takes a second beating from the hospital and the insurance company

My family have always been baseball fans. We’ve always liked the game for the casual ease, the friendly pace, and the all around amiable ambiance. It’s always a turn-off to see bad behavior among grown men – I resent the word “childish,” because good children don’t punch each other over a game.  People should be able to have disagreements, maybe even say mean things, without resorting to inappropriate or violent physical behavior. Nobody should be afraid to go out to a public event and offer an opinion, no matter how unpopular.

So, when we heard about Bryan Stow’s beating, we were disgusted, and we were worried about the state of sportsmanship. My husband likes to take the kids to games now and then, and to think something like this could happen to them is beyond me – I almost put the kibosh to it. 

Of course we immediately heard reports and saw a pretty damning video tape of Stow’s behavior, but I’m sorry, being an ass is not a death penalty offense. 

That said, we were sad to hear the other day that Stow’s insurance company had decided not to pay for his continued residential care. He’s been evicted from the facility at which he was receiving follow-up physical therapy, but his family says he’s still unable to take care of himself. The insurance company has also refused to pay for live-in nursing. Stow’s family is on their own with a guy who is not only unemployable, but unable to take care of his own immediate needs – he still needs help getting dressed, showering, needs his meals prepared, etc. 

But, it’s time for all of us to ask – how can we possibly expect a policy that costs us less than $20,000/year to cover bills that run over $100,000, $200,000, up to a million dollars just for an operation and a few weeks in the hospital? 

Bryan Stow ended up in care for two years. His attorneys estimate his life-long care will run over $50 million. 

It’s not the insurance company who’s the bad guy in this story, it’s the hospital, the doctors,  the administrators, the stock holders. These people enrich themselves off the misery of others. They sell rainbows they can’t provide, but they sure take some rainbow rides of their own. Doctors, as a group, are at the top of the  infamous “One Percent,” their incomes increasing by some 27 percent while the average person’s income increased by less than one percent, even DECREASED. 

And here comes Obamacare, which eliminates the Medicare Index pricing controls and tells us we are forced to buy insurance and subsequently forced to pay whatever rates doctors and hospitals want to charge for whatever care they determine we can afford. 

I  think we’re all in store for a good ass-kicking.




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