Get Ready, cause here it comes!

This morning I stumbled into my kitchen and broke my coffee pot  – this seems like an omen to me, I may not leave the house today.

I had determined to get up before sunrise, when the air is cool and nice. I set my stove alarm, because then I have to go all the way into the kitchen to turn it off, and that usually about does it, I’m too awake to go back to bed. But, not really awake enough to handle glass, apparently.

So, I made cowboy coffee in a Pyrex cup, and here I am, none the worse for wear. Although, I still tear up when I see my pretty little French press, sitting shattered in the sink. It was an indulgence I allowed myself with one of the gift certificates my father-in-law sent me for a years ago birthday.

I’m still glad to be up before the sun, sunrise being an event worth watching at least once or twice a week. And, no kidding, by 9am, it is going to be getting a little sweaty and unpleasant, and by 10, I will be camped out in the house under the ceiling fan.

I don’t even want to talk about this weekend, but I’ll say – Summer always starts with a bang around here, but it’s not unusual to have rain in June, either. And I remember Summers past when we never got out of the 90’s again after the first week of June. One year we didn’t get a ripe tomato until August. Last year I believe we had snow in late June. Hey, nobody tells Northern California what to do, okay? One of our best Father’s Days was right after a late snow at Lassen, we boarded Diamond Peak, because the road was covered and we couldn’t get to the summit. 

Be ready, that’s all I’ll say. Get a big watermelon, for one thing, and stick it in the fridge. Any melon you like really, and cucumbers, are nice to eat when the weather is hot. I don’t have any cukes in my garden yet, but they’ve got some nice ones at Safeway for 89 cents a pound. Chicken was on sale yesterday too – chicken is easy to cook outside, and if you remove the skin and bones, healthier for you. Chicken is good cold too. You can BBQ up a mess of boneless chicken breasts – I slice them thin with a filet knife so they cook quicker – and have cold chicken in the fridge for a couple of days.  Cheaper and more satisfying then lunch meat. 

Today we had planned a day trip, up in the mountains, where the air is a good 15 – 20 degrees cooler, and the creeks are full of snow melt. But, my son was offered a financial opportunity, and he cancelled our  trip. Well! When you coming home son? I don’t know when…

My husband wanted to plan our trip for Thursday – but I had to say NO! I have to go to a CARD meeting at 3pm. Sheesh! At least they have air conditioning in that little office.

So, we will try to get out of town on Friday, with the rest of the lemmings.  With predictions of 108, I imagine we will be in a swarm of locusts. I’ll try to get a picture of myself, sitting on a folding chair in the Yuba, reading “Life on the Mississipi…”





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