Wanted: Roustabouts!

This photo does not really capture the threatening nature of the sky - "Go ahead lady, hand your laundry! I'll show you what I can do to a load of laundry!"

I am sitting in my house trying to decide if today is a good day to hang a load of wash.  I see Hummer sitting in one of his fave spots in our crepe myrtle tree, he looks like he’s thinking about the weather too.

Look hard at that little dot at the end of the branch, toward the top of the photo, above the power lines. That's Hummer. You've been warned.

Look hard at that little dot at the end of  one of the bare branches, toward the center-top of the photo, just above the power lines. That’s Hummer. He’ll come out of that tree like a shot, right across the top of your head. You’ve been warned.

It’s been pretty busy here at the ranch, but I’ve also been trying to keep up my duties as head roustabout for the Chico Taxpayer’s Association. I reserve the room, pick up the key, and am in charge of making sure everything is turned off and locked up when we are done. I try to make up an agenda, with items I find interesting and want to share with the group, or items that others have brought up for discussion. Sometimes our meetings go all over town, sometimes they stick pretty precisely to the agenda. I try to take notes – although, I find it weird, writing down what people say, like some kind of spy. Mostly, I write down interesting tidbits of information to check out later, or things I want to remember to check out and bring back a report to the group next time. My notebook is pretty messy, but I must say, it’s good to have notes.

We had a new person come down today, a very nice lady named Alice. She had her own concerns, and she was curious about our group. I think I might have detected disappointment that we are not a more “pulled together” group, but I hope she will come back. She asked questions we were able to answer for her, and others we found interesting.

That’s what this group is about folks – we share our ignorance, and we share whatever  information we are able to scratch up. We’re not a PAC, we don’t have a lawyer, we don’t even have anybody particularly in charge.  We just try to get together regularly and share what we know, what we’ve found out, and what we want to know.

But yeah, piss us off good, we can raise money, and we can put out yard signs. So there!

At this point, we are not the kind of political machine that can take on big entities with lawsuits, or raise a bunch of money to float a measure or get a candidate into office.  We’re really here to try to awake the Sleeping Giant – The Public. That’s what “grass roots” politics are all about. That’s the kind of action that made America a country – people power. As far as I’m concerned, we need to stop depending on politicians to do our work for us, and just step up to the plate. We don’t need money, we need people of like minds, ready to attend meetings, read documents, write letters and follow up.

Well, after a pep talk like that, I guess I better just hang that wash.


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