Write your complaints about water rates to The Moonbeam

It’s only the end of April, but Kris Kuyper called it – 90 degrees by the end of last week, and here it is! 

It's 92 degrees on the old Kist thermometer.

It’s 92 degrees on the old Kist thermometer.


I mean, I love the heat baby, but I don’t know if I’m ready for it in May.  Kuyper vowed the other night he’s going to hold out without air conditioning as long as he can. Well, maybe he’d like to make it interesting  –  I’ll drop him an e-mail and see if we can turn it into a fundraiser for the library – the library is one of the best places in town to cool off, we might want to kick in on the air conditioning bill. 

That drying wind we’ve had the last couple weeks was tough, really dried stuff out – including me!  We started much of our garden in containers this year so we could protect the tiny plants from whatever. We been tooling them all around the property in our wheelbarrow, out in the sun, back in the shade – they even spent a night in the garage. Finally they are big and healthy and we’ve planted most of them.

We gave the girls a good start in containers this year.

We gave the girls a good start in containers this year, but they still wilt a little  in the late afternoon heat.


We really planted a lot of tomatoes this year, I ain’t messing around.  We ran out of our homemade frozen sauce from last year’s tomatoes weeks ago. We’ve been on canned sauce, and we don’t like it. No matter what you put in it, you can still taste that tin can.

Speaking of stuff to put in your tomato sauce, my husband planted me some sweet basil seeds we’d saved from years previous, and forgot about. Did you know, if you plant a sweet basil seed, you will get a sweet basil plant?

I think just about every seed we put in this little 6-pak sprouted. I'll try to plant them all, I like sweet basil.

I think just about every seed we put in this little 6-pak sprouted. I’ll try to plant them all, I like sweet basil.


Just to  be sure, I’ve been putting some of them in containers, like my strawberries, to save them from the bugs. As soon as the tomatoes were out of these  pots, I put in some sweet basil seedlings. The rest of them will go under the tomato plants around the garden. They ought to be okay, and they smell outrageous in the hot sun.

Hopefully this lonely little fellow will fill up this pot. Fresh sweet basil is really nice in tofu dressing.

Hopefully this lonely little fellow will fill up this pot. Fresh sweet basil is really nice in tofu dressing.


My strawberry pots are starting to pay off.

Life has it's perks.

Life has it’s perks.


The basket plants look happy as heck, they’ve grown, but they’re not flowering. I think I need to move them into a sunnier spot. 

Of course, that dry winter, and now this heat mean we are using water earlier this year, and I’m guessing our next Cal Water bill is going to show a little budge on the radar.  Wait until that rate hike kicks in! 

I know we all had fun at that rate increase hearing, but it didn’t mean anything. They just had to fulfill a legal requirement for a hearing, it’s all just for show. The California Public Utilities Commission is just a sham commission, appointed by a governor who is beholden to big developers and corporate interests. You know, a CORPORATE SHILL. 

It might have been good for our innards to howl at the flak catcher, but he’s not even a commission member, he was just a cardboard cut-out sent in to take the heat. You can’t touch the commission, they don’t care, and they can’t do anything anyway. They’re not elected, they don’t represent us – they represent ” privately owned electric, natural gas, telecommunications, water, railroad, rail transit, and passenger transportation companies, in addition to authorizing video franchises.”  Heavy emphasis on the “private” there, Budrow. 

They are appointed by the governor, in this case, Jerry “The Moonbeam” Brown, a guy who is so beholden to the unions he can’t walk straight. 

Remember, it’s not really Cal Water who wants the money, it’s CalPERS. They are hitting every public or “quasi-public” entity in California for big pension “side fund pay-offs.” They have lost big in the stock market, and they need to get their fix. You realize, the CalPERS suits are “public employees,” they get salaries and benefits and pensions too!

Here’s the link to state worker salaries, scroll down the list and look for “Public Empls Retirement Sys”:


Fifteen CalPERS employees make over $300,000/year in salary, seven of those making over $400,000 and the top two earning over $500,000. A year. Plus the health benefits and pension. And they retire from those salaries. 

Can I get a collective “DAMN!” ?

These people own Jerry Brown. He walks around the halls of our state capitol building with his index and middle finger through a belt loop on the backs of their pants, like their little bitch. 

What the heck does that say about US?

Ask Jerry Brown – that’s 

Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 445-2841
Fax: (916) 558-3160


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