Want to get rid of Market Value Place? Send an e-mail to Clint Royer – croyer@chicoer.com

NEW OPT OUT INFORMATION – 2/21/18 – CONTACT CLINT ROYER @ croyer@chicoer.com

I notice people are again looking for the “opt out” information for that pile of pulp, Market Value Place. They come in fairly predictable waves, maybe it has something to do with the distribution of the dam-ned thing. For whatever reason, it always comforts my heart to know some people are discriminating in what they’ll accept in their mailboxes, and what they’ll put up with in general. 

You need to write an e-mail to Jenny Jurdana at jjurdana@chicoer.com.  If you want to go the extra mile, cc Editor Dave Little while you’re at it. That’s dlittle@chicoer.com

I find it hilarious that they will pass their draconian little bag ban tonight, and then go about re-instituting the Sustainability Task Force that came up with the bag ban. It’s their crowning achievement – when I asked the STF to help us get rid of Market Value Place, they all sat their with their thumbs up their ass. They, including City Attorney and bag ban author Lori Barker, tried to deny there was any “opt out” law.  STF member BT Chapman actually expressed more concern over offending the Enterprise Record management than over the idea of fresh green trees being hacked down by the acre to satisfy the purveyors of pulp advertising. I’m guessing there’s whole, mummified layers of it in the landfill. From tree to DUMP!

Linda Herman, STF handler, actually put the “opt out” information on the city website – I could show you the ton of e-mail haranguing I had to do to get this woman to take me seriously, but at least she finally did it. Linda’s not a bad person, just a lazy self-serving bitch, like Debbie Presson.  

So, it’s up to us, Eco Warriors! Earth Day is Every Day.  Tell your friends! It starts and ends with The People. We, the People. 


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