Online Shopping: you can get all your household goods at Lucky Vitamin

Last year I had a health crisis – the supplements I’d been taking for years suddenly jumped remarkably in price, at the same time my local supplier pulled up stakes and retired.  Having always wondered if these little pills were really any good, I soon found out. After a couple of weeks I felt like somebody had poured wet cement in my pants, I could hardly move. My energy level went through the floor, and I started to feel old and tired all the time.  Worse, my skin dried up and started to itch, and I got psoriasis – little bleeding sores, I thought I had skin cancer! 

So I went to my other doctor – Google – and searched my supplements. I found a couple of suppliers online, but they only carried supplements, and I only needed the one, so the shipping charges made it even more expensive. Then I found Lucky Vitamin – wow! Now I buy almost EVERYTHING I need around my house through this online catalog store from Vermont.

These guys have everything from supplements to dental care to “beauty” products, housewares, clothing,  even furniture. They even sell this fancy wood fired pizza oven, but that’s a little over my head.

They even carry Maggie’s Organic Socks, less than five bucks! Don’t tell me what they charge for Maggies at Chico Natural, I don’t want to have a hissy fit. 

And here’s the real whammy – they SHIP FREE ON ORDERS OF $49 OR MORE!   Which is huge – supplements add up fast, and when you add everything from toothpaste and brushes and bath soap and dish soap and laundry soap – next thing you know, you’ve got $50 worth of stuff. Oh, and don’t forget, those wintertime homeopathic rememedies – they’ve got everything. 

I used to buy these products at Raley’s, which up until now had the best selection of “alternative” brands, like Dr. Bronners and Kiss My Face. Ever since childhood, I been “sensitive” to perfumes, so I have had to seek out the “alternative” brands in all my household products.  There are only a few stores in town that carry these brands, and they really tend to mark them up. Raley’s was always the cheapest, but never had a particularly large or reliable selection, so oftentimes I was coming home empty-handed, or having to settle for the best I could get, usually at a price that made me feel had

Lucky Vitamin has products I’ve never even seen, made by brands I’ve used for years. Soap has always been a problem for me, ugly rashes, bleeding sores, eversince I was a tiny kid. My parents never knew it was the soap and laundry detergent, our family doctor was a clueless old man who thought everything should hurt. As soon as I found out about perfumes and dyes, I never touched the big name brands again, I don’t even like walking through that aisle at the grocery store. For years I used one brand of cheap glycerin soap I found at the big grocery stores. It wasn’t the greatest, and it wasn’t always there. There are a couple of fantastic locally made bars at S&S, but way overpriced, and they melt too fast, you practically have to keep them in a sandwich bag.  Now, through Lucky Vitamin, I found bar soap by Kiss My Face and other brands I like, for half the price I would pay, if they even carried the stuff, at Raleys.  I found local stores really gouge on these products, to the point, I wasn’t able to get what my family needed. 

It’s funny, not all products are that much cheaper through Lucky Vitamin – in fact, a bottle of Dr. Bronners is actually a couple of dollars more, go figure. I continue to buy my Bronner’s at Raleys,  but I catch it on sale. There are other comparable products at Lucky Vitamin, I don’t have to depend on Dr. Bronners so much anymore, anyway.

The best products I’ve found are dental products – a swedish made toothbrush for $1.41, 100 yards of good tooth floss for about $3 – 30 yards will run you more at the store. I’ve found a brand of mouthwash I had previously bought at Raleys for a good $2 more a bottle – and Lucky Vitamin has ALL THE FLAVORS, not just the one they offered at Raleys. 

I make about an order a month. I order things like laundry and dish soap in big quantities, they provide the “anchor” for my $100 order, then I add the little stuff to fill in. My supplements are another “anchor.”  I never buy anything I don’t need, and I can’t think of a new product I’ve tried that I haven’t liked. 

The cherry on top is home delivery, from UPS.  It’s free, so it isn’t instant, but it always comes within a week, on exactly the day they tell me it will arrive, usually at the same time.  We’ve had the same UPS carrier for many years. He’s delivered stuff to every house we have lived in. When he delivers to the neighbors, he waves at my kitchen window, cause he’s knows that’s where I am at least 30 percent of my waking day.  He brings my laundry soap and my vitamins and my shampoo and my toothbrushes right to my gate.

Of course, he brings bicycle parts and hockey sticks and shoes and  all kinds of stuff – my family has gone almost completely online to shop these days. I’ll share some of my other fave sites with you another time, for now, check out Lucky Vitamin! 


6 thoughts on “Online Shopping: you can get all your household goods at Lucky Vitamin

  1. After a couple of weeks I felt like somebody had poured wet cement in my pants,

    Yup, same thing happened to me right after the election.

    I was diagnosed with Schwabitis and was told it will last 4 years and possibly longer.

    There is no cure.

    • Well, I think we took a good whack at her with her own Measure J. I’ll tell you what, that hurt, and it’s going to hurt worse as time goes by.

      And, the reason I’m running this “series” about my fave online shop sites, is to get people to stop spending in Chico, I’ll admit it. Show Schwab and Lando if they raise the sales tax we’ll go completely online. I been doing alot of my shopping online lately, I even bought a pair of sneakers online recently, and that would have seemed impossible to me a year ago. I would not have believed they would fit, or that they’d be quality at the price I paid, but check and double check! They are cheaper than the ones I’ve been buying at Payless shoes, and better quality. The online selection was huge too – I’ve been buying the exact same shoes at Payless for years, watching the price go up every time I went in.

      There is a cure for Schwabitis – cut her off the green stuff, it works like tick dip, she’ll jump like a fat little flea. They all will.

  2. Hey Juanita,

    So I’m sittin’ here at the puter and listening to John B. Wells on Coast to Coast AM with my spiced rum eggnog with cinnamon and nutmeg and he’s talking about over 100 UFOs sighted on China and India’s border…and of course that made me think of Schwab since we never know what nutty idea she’s gonna come up with next…

    Anyhoo, did you know the Schwabster lives on Dear Abby Road in a huge house worth over half a million dollars??? Oooohhh the irony….and geez, how the heck does a public “servant” afford that not to mention owning a condo in Chico? And what the heck does old Bud do besides pound signs into your lawn?

    Now with a huge house AND a condo and all that driving to Forest Ranch and back…well, how big is Ann’s carbon footprint?

    And here I am in my itty, bitty dwelling and I work from home (no commute except for maybe twice a year driving to the Bay Area or Bakersfield) and old Ann has the nerve to tell me a grocer can’t give me a damn plastic grocery bag?

    Just how much of this hypocrisy are we supposed to take?

    • I love eggnog, but somebody told me at some point raw eggs are a salmonella risk, so I have been afraid to touch the stuff for years. I just googled it, and as usual, the risk is low, unless you mainline the stuff all day, or are a baby, a pregnant woman, or an old person in questionable health. My kids have never had eggnog, I’ll have to whip up a batch later.

      Yes, I have seen Ann’s posh pad on the hill. Yes I think she’s a ginormous hypocrite. She must wear about a size 66 double wide shoe to cover her carbon footprint – Sasquatch can’t even fill it.

      We are so alike! Here I sit in my itty-bitty dwelling, being all sustainable and stuff. We haven’t even used our heater yet. We built this place to live cheap, and it worked!

      “Sustainability” is my lifestyle. The other day I spent doing laundry, cause I knew it was going to rain, and I had to get all the linens out on the line early, then stay home all day to make sure they didn’t get rained on. I buy two sets of sheets for everybody’s bed, so we can go without washing for longer stretches, do more in one load – but that makes wash day a real workout, I’ll tell you that. We and our washing machine live upstairs, for one, and the tote down the stairs is always good for a few laughs. At least they’re dry by the time they have to be toted UP again.

      but, good news, my husband got my dryer hooked up in the garage, so I can use it when stuff doesn’t get all the way dry in the scanty two hours of warm sun we are getting these days, or for those days rain moves in fast. I had to dry a load of towels the other day, it was such a pain in the ass. With a clothes line you just get them out there and later that day you go bring them in. You have to babysit a dryer, and it takes the better part of an hour to do a load of towels. I’ll probably see it on my PG&E bill – “oh yeah, there’s the day I used that dam-ned dryer!” But I’m glad to have it, sometimes it just doesn’t stop raining around here, and we don’t have anyplace to hang wet sheets inside our apartment. We already hang wet clothes on door frames, stair railings, a wood rack, backs of furniture, etc.

      I think most of the members of the STF would bust a snicker over my lifestyle, none of them would do it. They are “sustainable” within the confines of their comfort zones, but don’t push the envelope Babee! You should have seen how mad they all got at one meeting when I announced I rode my bike and asked who else did.

      One huge gap with these people is, few of them have families, they don’t know the first thing about trying to raise a family in this world. Let me ask you – can you really imagine Schwab even caring for a family? Giving up her time to go to appointments for kids? Demeaning herself to scrub and cook? Change a diaper? Oh pleeeeeaaaazzzze! That’s why Budd had to get himself a concubine. I’ve seen Ann with kids and she’s really uncomfortable.

      A lot of people on the Sustainability Task Force are hypocrites. They DRIVE in from places like Yankee Hill to sit on a “task force” for Chicoans, go figure. They’re despicable posers. I remember, in the beginning, two of the men brought their young kids to the meetings, with all this organic baby food and “eco-friendly” disposable diapers and crap – excuse me! They would come and go during meetings to shuttle their kids. They really busted ass to be “90’s dad’s”, and all organo-groovy. They’ve both dropped off the committee now, but not until one of them got a whopping chunk of that PG&E grant.

      You know, life is give and take. We take their crap, we need to dish out a certain amount of our own. The biggest portion of crap we’ve handed them lately is the defeat of Measure J. Believe me, they’ve got a mouthful they won’t be able to spit out, they’re going to have to swallow, and it ain’t going down easy.

      • Gosh, I’ve actually seen her maiden name – old standard Irish surname, can’t remember.

        I predict, the STF is unsustainable, it will collapse under it’s own weight. Frankly, I also think the bag ban will turn around on Schwab. People really don’t get it – but they’re about to.

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