Free Pussy Riot!

Yeah, I’m jumping on the bandwagon here. I’ll tell the truth – I’m just getting one hell of a kick out of saying “FREE PUSSY RIOT!” It just sounds so, silly.  I’ll tell you what’s really silly, is how the average American newscaster is absolutely tenacious in his refusal to mouth the words, PUSSY RIOT.   They can do a whole lead in without once actually mentioning the name of the band. What a bunch of ….pussies.

But this is serious, Folks. Here I am, complaining about getting kicked off Nor Cal Blogs! What a woos! These women just got sentenced to a year and a half – IN PRISON – on top of time served, for this video:

I know, it’s so comical – I can’t believe the nun wasn’t hired to be in it. But, apparently, the whole thing’s for real. The trial was real, and I’m sure the jail will be real. 

These gals were just practicing their “right to free speech.” Ever had your right to free speech taken away? David Little and Ryan Olson took away my “right to free speech”, just like that.

There’s no such thing as “free speech.” There’s always consequences, even if it’s just the fact that you have to bloody a few noses now and then to protect it. That’s not free, that’s a fight. You must always be ready to fight for your rights. You know, like Candidate Obama said four years ago – we must “get in their faces.” That’s exactly what he meant, he meant, get ugly, and be ready to use your fists.  That’s exactly the kind of campaign this man is running now, mean and dirty. Obama will do whatever he needs to do in order to win. And that includes, shut some people up, just like Vladimir Putin. 

Bradley Manning and Julian Assange thought they were practicing their “right to free speech” when they made public  memos that embarrassed the United States government – because they were embarrassing. Obama and Clinton expressed outrage that their dirty little secrets, including the real reasons we’re murdering people in Afghanistan and Iraq right now, were exposed to the American public – that’s US, the people they supposedly work for.  Well, did they ever think, how embarrassing it is for the American public to have them for leaders?

Here in Chico, as in the rest of the world, it’s true what Jake Blumgart, of the Seattle Stranger, says, ” that governments will go after the powerless seeking to expose atrocities with an aggressive fervor and at the same time award more and more immunity to the powerful committing far more serious crimes.”  I think the media is complicit here, including the Enterprise Record. 

So, I see myself in good company. I’m proud to be an American who stands up for real American values. And it’s good to have some Russkies and some Aussies who feel same. 

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