Good bye, Hello!

Well, today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Yesterday, during a conversation with an anonymous sniper calling itself “Libby,” I used the ‘f-word’ in my Nor Cal blog, you know, featured in the Enterprise Record – a fishwrap often mistaken for a ‘newspaper.’

Wow, did I get yanked down a notch! Here’s the note from Ryan Olson, blogger to the bloggers:

Dear Juanita –

Due to concerns about profanity on your blog, we’ve suspended your 
access to NorCal Blogs. I regret this action, but we have a firm 
no-profanity policy. That’s a policy to which you agreed to when we set 
up your blog, and again when we raised a concern in Oct. 2010 (I’m 
including that discussion at the end of this email).

We’re immediately concerned about your use of profanity, including the 
f-word, in a comment attached to a recent post about Dave Burkland:
> If I ran my household like Dave Burkland runs the city of Chico, I 
> wouldn’t have a pot to piss in right now, cause I don’t have a pile of 
> helpless taxpayers to bail me out. And let’s face it Libby, you 
> wouldn’t give a flying fuck at a rolling donut whether that was “fair” 
> or not.

Additionally, we have concerns about your personal attacks and insults 
directed toward people leaving comments on your blog. It isn’t 
appropriate for the average commenter, moreso for a blogger who is 
supposed to help foster and encourage a productive conversation. I 
understand that things may get heated, but there should be more 
positive ways to express oneself.

Again, I’m sorry about taking this course of action. If you wish to 
discuss it further, I encourage you to get in contact with editor David 


I just love people who use words like “dear” and “sincerely” when they mean absolutely nothing of the sort. Ryan Olson is a nice little, messed up guy who thinks he’s doing the right thing, but is really jealous because he is “blog deficit.” Read his blog sometime and tell me what you think – yesterday his partner, Jammie Karlman, wrote a post about Americans being more superficially attractive than British people.  Wow, intellectual dy-no-mite!

So, I must say, I feel stupid for losing a platform like the Enterprise Record over something like the ‘f-word’. But I won’t apologize for speaking English, that’s my language, and I’ll use it like the tool it is. Lately I been using it to annoy the stuffed shirts Downtown, and, well, read the letter above again – it looks like it’s working! 

I got Dave Burkland’s goat, and I’m keeping it. Poor little Davey, retiring on more than $150,000 for the rest of his life, all his bills paid by US. Kinda pulls at your heartstrings to think of a guy like Dave Burkland, retiring without any appreciation from the townspeople he has gleefully ripped off these past five or six years, that’s just shameful. 

As far as I’m concerned, he can spend the rest of his life pounding salt. And you know where. It’s profane alright.

So now we have a new city manager, a guy who lasted at his last job in the city of Hemet (Hemet?) for THREE YEARS. A trough surfer, is what this guy is. 

Well, he’s going to get all the respect I’ve given Dave Burkland, I promise.