We got to turn that MUTHA out!

Yes Children, I have taken off that illusive tenth pound. Read it and weep, Jack!

And here’s how I did it:


From there you can funk it up and funk it down, with George Clinton, the Funk Man of Renown.

Don’t forget to move your “Bootsy” as well! Shake that fine thing til it bounces like a bowl of chocolate pudding!

And just remember Honey, it ain’t aerobic if you ain’t got your hands in the air. Like you just don’t care.

Oh yeah, this is why you should always call before you come over to Juanita’s house. Cause if the house is rockin, don’t you even bother knockin’ Baby.

And yeah, in November, we gonna do The Dawg Catcher and we gonna turn that Mutha Out.  Ready or not, here we come, one city under a groove!

Oh, and by the way, Oprah says it’s okay to “go natural” – I predict Michelle Obama will be nappy by November. I’m just sayin’.

Feet don’t fail me now!


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