Dave Burkland will cut the library before he cuts salaries, Ann Schwab will let him do it

I have to wonder what Dave Burkland is up to, attacking the cops and fire again, and holding the library hostage. Is he really trying to piss us off? 

Here he hauls, to his house in Dayton, almost $200,000 a year, in salary alone, but when we’re over budget he points the finger elsewhere? We need to get that guy a new finger. 

And he won’t make salary cuts in public safety, he insists that an officer who’s been on duty for 12-plus hours is better than a new hire? 

I would call him “The City Mis-Manager.” I’d say he needs to go, but he’s already beaten me to the punch – Mr. B will soon retire at 70 percent of his current salary. For-ev-er. 

Oh, but the library is just a little piggie sucking up revenues! 

Well, Ann Schwab has something to say about this, and I think she’s going to stick her foot in her mouth and cut public safety and library funding like her handler tells her. She’s not too smart. This is going to come right back up her ass in November. That’s okay with me.

In the meantime, it would be great to see more public support for the library. The meeting room they lend out for free is just an incredible example of democracy in action. Like Mary Wahl once said, the library serves more people in a day than the city building serves in a week. Mary works with Friends of the Library to ensure that the library is funded, staffed, and receives a steady stream of new books. Also, they run the Saturday book sale, and I would say that is easily one of the best deals in town. You can make donations via their website at http://chicolibrary.org/index.html or send them to PO Box 6952, Chico, 95927. 

Remember, reading is not only FUN-damental, it’s the basis of a strong democracy.