Jennifer Hennessy needs to go

I sat home to watch the council meeting last night. After working all day, it’s hard for me to sit in those chairs, with a sore back and aching legs, and listen to a bunch of soft-handed losers tell us how they steal and mishandle our money, and expect to get outrageous salaries and ridiculous benefits for doing so.

As I listened to Jennifer Hennessy last night, telling us how she “guesses” our way into bankruptcy instead of keeping careful track of revenues and setting expenditures accordingly, I realized, her position is superfluous and needs to be cut. Having that idiot in charge of our finances – well, I think Joe Hazelwood is available, let’s call him!  As she whined along through her “presentation,” I remembered, they dumped the Economic Development Director position, just dropped it, so now, why not drop the Finance Director position and make the Finance Department answer directly to Dave Burkland? 

Our city, you see, is management heavy.  We have far too many management types, making in excess of $100,000 a year. What we could use down at Headquarters, are a few more of those $22,000 to $70,000 workers.  

Hennessy’s position doesn’t benefit anybody but Hennessy, who, I would like to remind you, is allowed to hire her own evaluator and then set her own raises. How’d you like to have a job where you can give yourself a $14,000 a year raise? And  council just rubberstamps it because, after all, Hennessy is Financial Expert! According to the wisdom of Ann Schwab and Mary Flynn, we must offer these outrageous salaries to keep talent like Jennifer Hennessy from running off to wreck somebody else’s city finances! 

Closing a fire station saved us a one-time $95,000? Well, dumping the Finance Director position would save us about $200,000 a year in salary, benefits and pension, maybe a little more. 

Right now the city is advertising for a city manager, offering over $180,000 a year for the position, with benefits and retirement at 50. For $180,000, this person had just better do the managing. I’m tired of this octopus approach, by which they pass the blame around faster than a flaming potato. Let’s get our house cleaned out a little, get rid of salaries over $100,000, period. Get rid of some positions, and start over. 


8 thoughts on “Jennifer Hennessy needs to go

  1. I wonder if the sheeple will ever figure out that gummit is just a racket.

    The first priority of gummit is to benefit the bureacrats, the public employee unions and the politicians, not the public.

    And this Hennessy character is a fine example of this.

    Yet instead of cleaning house the sheeple will vote tax increases on themselves.

  2. And regarding that ILLEGAL phone tax hte local dictators have imposed on us…

    Just shows how morally bankrupt our local politicians are and that they are thieves to the nth degree!

    What they should do is apology profusely to the public and promise to refund the money WITH INTEREST!

    Also, since this tax is illegal those who imposed it on us should be going to jail.

    Instead, they are such liars and thieves and con artists that they are going to convince the public that they are doing the public a favor by offering to lower the tax when in fact they are increasing the amount of tax most people will pay!!!!

    Talk about conning the people!

    These Chico politicians are amazing con artists!

    And of course the local media is either complicit or are clueless as they regurgitate what the local dictators tell them, i.e. see how wonderful we are offering to lower your phone tax.

  3. Juanita, just what kind of bizarro world are we living in here?

    We have a city council that is trying to pass off a tax increase on an illegal tax as a tax decrrease!!!!

    But heck, these rapscallions on the corrupt city council have to do something so old Hennessy here can receive her 14,000 raises.

    • I know, this is really getting weird. What we have to do now, is keep the heat on.

      I would apply the “emperor wears no clothes” analogy, but the vision of ANY of these people NA-KED would send a maggot screaming home to his mother.

  4. What struck me about the discussion last night was how often Jennifer said the word “projections”. It’s not okay to spend based on projections alone. I am on the Board of Directors for the Butte County Fair. We have to know where we stand each month. We have to keep close track of budgeted and actual expenses, in spite of projected revenues. I’m not even good with this stuff and I can figure that out. I think someone needs to re-train Jennifer.

    • And the word “guess” – it was so ridiculous, it was almost funny. I felt bad for old Jennifer, she seemed near tears at times. Well, tough – the things this council and $taff have done to our local housing industry have brought me near tears at times too. And I have nothing to be ashamed of – Jennifer has run our ship onto the rocks with her own excessive lifestyle demands. You know, I remember what she looked like 5 years ago – she’s gained at least 60 pounds, and not from worrying about the city’s finances, either.

      I would say, if the average person managed their affairs like the city of Chico – well, we’ve seen it, houses upside-down all over town. I guess this is how we got into this mess – it’s not just council and $taff, it’s the Chicoans who can’t run their own households any better, who keep voting for these losers and putting up with this crap. We’ve got to wake these people up – they just don’t know what’s around the corner. They’re partying on the railroad tracks, and the midnight train is coming in. They’re going to hit the ground like a ton of bricks, and I for one will not be tarrying around to pick them up.

      I’m guessing, Hennessy’s own finances are in disarray, I bet she barely pays her bills every month.

      My family is hunkered down. We are the dog with fleas, and we are ready for the flea dip.

  5. Well, well, well Juanita…I saw old Alan Marsden on the eveing propaganda…er…sorry nightly news and he made this Hennessy character and the rest of the bureaucrats sound like geniuses and the people who wanted answers sound like uninformed, naive children.

    I was actually surprised the local TV media even covered this. I guess the politicians must really be worried they have egg on their faces if they called in their shills in the media.

    • don’t forget – bag ban to be discussed this Tuesday at the Internal Affairs committee meeting – oh yeah, that’s 8am Babee! Bring your mug for some free java!

      I know, you probably have to go to work at that hour, but I will do my best to keep you posted.

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