Jennifer Hennessy needs to go

I sat home to watch the council meeting last night. After working all day, it’s hard for me to sit in those chairs, with a sore back and aching legs, and listen to a bunch of soft-handed losers tell us how they steal and mishandle our money, and expect to get outrageous salaries and ridiculous benefits for doing so.

As I listened to Jennifer Hennessy last night, telling us how she “guesses” our way into bankruptcy instead of keeping careful track of revenues and setting expenditures accordingly, I realized, her position is superfluous and needs to be cut. Having that idiot in charge of our finances – well, I think Joe Hazelwood is available, let’s call him!  As she whined along through her “presentation,” I remembered, they dumped the Economic Development Director position, just dropped it, so now, why not drop the Finance Director position and make the Finance Department answer directly to Dave Burkland? 

Our city, you see, is management heavy.  We have far too many management types, making in excess of $100,000 a year. What we could use down at Headquarters, are a few more of those $22,000 to $70,000 workers.  

Hennessy’s position doesn’t benefit anybody but Hennessy, who, I would like to remind you, is allowed to hire her own evaluator and then set her own raises. How’d you like to have a job where you can give yourself a $14,000 a year raise? And  council just rubberstamps it because, after all, Hennessy is Financial Expert! According to the wisdom of Ann Schwab and Mary Flynn, we must offer these outrageous salaries to keep talent like Jennifer Hennessy from running off to wreck somebody else’s city finances! 

Closing a fire station saved us a one-time $95,000? Well, dumping the Finance Director position would save us about $200,000 a year in salary, benefits and pension, maybe a little more. 

Right now the city is advertising for a city manager, offering over $180,000 a year for the position, with benefits and retirement at 50. For $180,000, this person had just better do the managing. I’m tired of this octopus approach, by which they pass the blame around faster than a flaming potato. Let’s get our house cleaned out a little, get rid of salaries over $100,000, period. Get rid of some positions, and start over.