Plastic bag ban to be discussed by Internal Affairs committee June 12

In the agenda for the upcoming Sustainability Task Force meeting on Monday, June 4, we see that the “single use” plastic bag ban will be tossed to the Internal Affairs committee at their June 12 meeting.

Now, this should be interesting. The Sustainability Task Force meetings are held in the afternoons and evenings. When the STF heard this issue, the room was packed. And not just with ban supporters, so nya, nya, nya.

Internal Affairs committee meetings are held at 8am. And the coffee, well, it is free, so who in the hell am I to gripe. But, we’ll have to see how many of these passionate planet protectors will show up for an 8am meeting. I’m just sayin’.

I hope some of you cons will come down – this is our chance to get a negative recommendation out of the Internal Affairs committee. I think all it would take is a couple of rational comments to turn this buggy around. No nasty accusations, no dramatic speeches, just some basic questions about the implementation and cost of this feel-good bullshit. It’s better if you read the reports before the meeting – all the stuff you want is available at the city website:

The more I think about this thing, the dumber is seems. I can’t go into it right now, I got to roll out some tortillas for dinner.



4 thoughts on “Plastic bag ban to be discussed by Internal Affairs committee June 12

  1. Sorry to say there’s no way I can make that meeting.

    It’s probably just as well because I’d open my mouth and make them angry and they would kick me out. (I’ve heard the term “Security!” one too many times.)

    I called up the ER a couple of weeks ago to point out some of their reporting deficiencies and they hung up on me.

    So at least for now it’s best I’m be behind the scene.

    Anyhoo, in the thread below there are some good links to good arguments (including health concerns) to this ridiculous ban.

  2. Well, I appreciate your keeping this subject on topic – it’s so stupid, I just want to forget it! I’ll go, and I’ll try to be nice and patient instead of saying what I think.

    • I remember when Kim’s husband Stu “ran against” Rick Keene for assembly – he didn’t do anything but collect campaign contributions. Think that’s her ploy too?

      Kimberly King is a fist puppet for Dave Guzzetti. I don’t know Dave just doesn’t run himself. Oh yeah, he lives in CONCOW, that’s right!

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