Ann Schwab says pay the phone tax or she’s going to cut public safety again

At last night’s council meeting, Ann Schwab, Andy Holcombe, Scott Gruendl and Jim Walker all threatened public safety with further cuts if the phone tax is not passed.

When speakers brought up salaries and non-essential expenses, such as the $84,000 and roughly $40,000 in benefits attached to the Sustainability Task Force, the council ignored them, opting instead to threaten public safety again and again.

Ann Schwab made it clear that if the voters don’t pass this tax, she’s going to cut the safety budget.

Then she promptly voted to allow the Nature Center to defer payments on their $800,000 loan for another two years. As I have said previously, the Nature Center has yet to make one payment on that 5 years plus old loan, and they get over $40,000 in Community Grant funding every year without having to open their books to any kind of public scrutiny. They use the money to run a for-profit operation, and I believe they siphon some of the money into political donations.

Why didn’t more people  come to the meeting last night to speak up? Maybe you all want to pay more taxes?

Thanks to Sue Hubbard, Toby Schindelbeck, Larry Wahl and Stephanie Taber for speaking up.


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