Our city is OBESE, but all $taff wants to do about it is buy bigger pants

Tonight city council will discuss the implementation of a tax on your telephone. Don’t take it! We can make a difference. 

The meeting starts at 6:30. This item has been place in the “4’s” – the regular agenda – and will be heard after the weed abatement report and right before the request to allow the Nature Center to further slouch on their $800,000 taxpayer financed loan. 

I find that ironic – they want us to pay a tax on our phone so they can be completely asinine with our money. That’s just gin-cheee!

I hope I’m not the only person who is angry about this – please come Downtown tonight and protest these two completely contrary actions on the part of council – again, they are raising a tax on our telephones, and most likely, our computer usage as well, eventually even e-mail, in order to pay off bad debts for people who have made political contributions to their campaigns – Dave Guzzetti and John Merz, to mention a couple. These guys have turned a kids learning facility into a PAC, and here we’re financing it out of our taxes – FORGET IT! 

Just say NO! to bad taxes. That’s tonight, City Council Meeting, Downtown, starts at 6:30 but ought to get interesting around 7:15.