Council to discuss ripping us off on our phones and computers

This next Tuesday, May 1, council will get a report from the city attorney of an ordinance that will allow the city to take a 4.5 percent tax on your phone and messaging devices – on local and interstate calls, text messaging, voice over internet – even PAGING.

The report is available now at this link:

It’s there, just keep digging all the way to the bottom. They aren’t going to make it easy to read these agendas, you know. 

I’ve asked the city clerk for a cut and pastable copy so I can share the pertinent points here. In past, she’s told me, she can’t give it to me in a cut and paste version, because I might edit it when I post it! As if, I can’t edit it when I type it in – what a pile of horseshit! I don’t know why the clerk’s office plays these little games – well, yes I do – $taff doesn’t want us to see this stuff. They don’t want us to know, they’re about to rip us off for about $900,000 a year off our phones and computers.

I’ll work on getting the report here, but in the meantime, it won’t hurt you folks to go to the city website and read the whole thing yourself.

And don’t forget, it’s time to get your Utility Tax rebate. I’m waiting for my April bill from PG&E, and then I’m going in. I only have PG&E to collect, so I’m getting about $50.  That’s a trip to the grocery store, with some Shuberts money to spare.


4 thoughts on “Council to discuss ripping us off on our phones and computers

  1. Geez, it’s 73 pages long. All I could find regarding the tax was on page 4 and it was sparse. And it uses the term “modernize” for the change to the tax. You can tell they want a tax increase when they use terms like modernize.

    You can tell these criminals are going to try to steal even more from us when they start playing these games. These politicians and bureaucrats at every level of government are thieves, pure and simple. And no matter how much money they steal it will never be enough.

    Sewer tax increases, phone tax increases, a new sales tax, a new tax on alcohol…it never ends.

    • Thanks so much Bob, you don’t know how much I appreciate the time you spend wading through that pile of cowcrap they call an “agenda”. It’s enough to make you hate the printed word.

      I tried to get the city clerk to send me something I could cut and paste – there’s only about a paragraph in there that we really need to see – and she flat WON’T DO IT. She keeps trying to tell me I can right click it, etc. My computer tells me the documents have been “encoded” in such a way that I need to buy a program off the internet just to OPEN them.

      We know why they don’t want us to read this crap.

  2. Well Juanita, I guess we can thank our lucky stars that we aren’t this Esplanade fellow. Look what the pig Maloney did to him. When are people going to wake up and realize that government at every level in this country is a criminal enterprise? And the government will steal more from you to pay the pig Maloney for the rest of his life.


    Where’s my car?

    When he turned 50 on April 20, Chief of Police Mike Maloney retired, and the city of Chico began paying him to do nothing for the rest of his life. This after he effectively commandeered and sold my car, van and work tools in 2009.

    I had explained to him and Officer Person in the field that my registrations were paid, but that I was still waiting for the DMV to send my stickers. Rather than confirming that my registrations were in fact paid, the Chico police towed my vehicles, forcing me to walk 30 miles home. Without my vehicles and work tools then, I was forced to abandon my job, deplete my savings, and live off credit cards as a prisoner in my rural Tehama County home for the past 2 1/2 years.

    At the time, I begged Chief Maloney to stop the sale of my vehicles and return my property, but he would not. The City Council’s been equally complacent, and they’ve refused to reimburse me for anything.

    Nathan Esplanade

    • Wow, Mr. Esplanade doesn’t give us many details, but when I checked the Butte Co. Superior Court website, I found some other records. It sounds like he’s handicapped. Chief Maloney took a crippled man’s cars away?

      I’d sure like to hear the rest of the story!

      But, sheesh – we’re not so lucky – we get to pay for this kind of crap.

      Did you know, Maloney’s dad is the district attorney of Glenn County. People are still upset over there about the death of Bud Foglesong – one of the leading suspects is Maloney’s ex-boss, Bob Holpzapfel.

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